Which children's toys are problematic, what to pay attention to when selecting?

Which children's toys are problematic, what to pay attention to when selecting?

Many parents report that there are a variety of toys at home, but the children do not play to their heart's content, see everything want, this is in fact a very normal thing, because children's curiosity, see the novelty of things want to buy, coupled with the current market above the variety of toys, there will be the phenomenon of buying toys. However, the selection of toys is not a random matter, in addition to consider the price of toys, but also to consider the safety of toys, toys for children's growth is helpful. Many of the toys on the market itself a lot of problems, once the choice is equal to the child in a dangerous environment.

Silicone children's toys have a high potential risk factor

Many parents in the choice of silicone children's toys, subconsciously think that the material of these toys soft, no hard shape, do not worry about hurting the child, but have you ever thought that the label of these toys is unknown, material problems or structural problems, may hurt the child. According to the Hong Kong Consumer Council's children's silicone toys test, we will find that the so-called silicone toys have a variety of problems, such as some silicone toys have carcinogenic substances, such as some silicone toys are prone to rupture and small parts fall off, liquid outflow problems, there are safety risks, parents should avoid the risk when selecting.



Children's toys to select the correct method recommended

Of course, if you have the right method in selecting children's toys, you do not have to worry too much. Safety is a concern for many parents. In addition to understanding the structure of the toy, it is also important to pay attention to the paint part, whether there is a rough appearance or too small parts. Children's toys are fun, will not be too simple are also important points that should not be ignored, should try to choose toys that can give play to the child's creative ability and a sense of freshness, such as building blocks have such a role. If children's toys are not suitable for the physical and mental development of children, children are also prone to lose interest, parents are advised to understand the needs of children when buying, first set the goal to select, so that you can train children in all aspects.

Although not all children's toys are problematic, but many children's toys on the market have a variety of safety hazards, not to mention that many families have piled up a bunch of toys, children are still reluctant to play with the situation, so parents in the selection of toys to master the method.


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