These 7 Kitchen Cleaning Products Will Keep Your Kitchen Clean Every Day

Oil cleaner

The kitchen is where you deal with grease, pots and pans on a daily basis. From washing dishes to cooking, garbage, water stains, and grease are created all the time. Those who cook a lot find it difficult to keep their kitchen clean. How can you keep your kitchen clean and shiny everywhere? It is necessary to prepare a set of good cleaning supplies,kitchen scrubber manufacturer which can make you save time and effort in cleaning the kitchen.

1. Oil cleaner

We often find heavy grease on hoods, cabinet doors, and stovetops. Oil Stain is a favorite cleaning product for obsessive-compulsive people. After spraying, then wait three to five minutes, and then wipe with a rag, stains, grease, all say goodbye, can be said to be very efficient, you do not have to work hard, you can easily clean.

2. Fruit and vegetable cleaner

Nowadays, there are a lot of pesticide residues and insect eggs on fruits and vegetables, and the previous method of soaking and dipping is not clean at all. Especially the children at home will find that sometimes they will have diarrhea after eating fruits, so you have to consider whether the fruits are cleaned or not. So it is recommended to keep a bottle of fruit and vegetable cleaner at home, with a natural formula and cleaning ingredients all extracted from plants, which can quickly break down grease stains and so on. In addition to making us feel more comfortable and at ease when eating fruits and vegetables, it can also be cleaned.

3. Loofah

Loofah, many students and friends we should not have seen, this is China in recent years, China began to develop into the corporate market with a natural cleaning tools, edible loofah seed processing and become, loofah with detergent, can quickly remove the stains, and can be durable, a loofah can be used for a long time.

4. Pot Brush

Every time she scrubs a pot, she finds it a large area in the pot. She brushes the pan by hand over and over again with a sponge. Not only is it inefficient, but when she brushes the pan with oil, her hands get covered with it. Suggestion A does not require an oil-soaked cleaning tool, a pot brush. This cleaning tool, pot brush, long handle, thick bristles, at a glance you know it is good, buy home will not be disappointed, cleaning pans especially good.

5. Sponge brush

Sponge brush is the most effective cleaning tool in the kitchen. It is wet and dry and soft. With a little detergent, you can brush a lot of bubbles, brush a lot of dishes, very good. In addition to washing dishes, it can also clean the stove and any place that needs to be cleaned. It is one of the gods among cleaning tools.

6. Kitchen paper

Kitchen paper, the royal paper towel of the kitchen, is larger and thicker than our usual paper towels and absorbs water very well! Generally need to dry dishes, you can easily suck it dry, instant dry, there are grease and water stains, thick kitchen paper can also be beautifully clean.

7. Kitchen Wipes

Kitchen wipes are really my favorite. They work so well. Where there is grease, where it is clean. Every day after washing pots and pans, I will pump the kitchen wipe again, by the way, wipe the cabinets and hood. I'll throw it away when I'm done using it, eliminating the need to wash grease rags. Highly recommended!

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