Is it better to use fabric curtains or blinds in home decoration and living room?


Is it better to use fabric curtains or blinds in home decoration and living room?

Home improvement, the living room can be used as a main decoration style of the finishing touch, wooden blindwith the majority of business owners in our country to enhance the aesthetic, in order to make the overall building decoration work effect more in line with the style of teaching design education expenditure, the details of all aspects are also extremely elegant, many project owners are torn living room decoration with cloth curtains or shutters is good, In fact, cloth curtains and blinds have their own style of Chinese characteristics, the so-called thousands of thousands of faces, each has its own.

Blinds and blinds have a rotating function. Through the different rotation angles, window blindsthe owner who loves the sun can gently sprinkle different light and shadow through the different brightness and illumination of the sun. They can be gentle and elegant with a little bit of languor, and it can also be bright and transparent, adding saturated warmth. It can replace the curtain, saving the space accumulated on both sides after the curtain is opened. It can be very streamlined to make the whole space more clear, there is some transparency, it has modern simplicity, but it is warm and elegant.

The material of the shutter is roughly divided into solid wood, venetian blindaluminum alloy PVC, fabric. As one of the important materials for soft decoration, they create a variety of styles through different materials and stripes of different colors. They are simple but not simple and are widely loved by the younger generation. They have become a replacement for the original curtains for some home improvement people. So, what are the characteristics of these different materials?

PVC blind

First, PVC shutters come in many styles, full colors and at low cost. They are resistant to moisture and mildew. They are not limited to the living room, but also can be widely used in the study or bathroom and bedroom, compared with several other materials made of shutters, has a high cost performance, for the general public or temporary residents, it is a preferred material, PVC shutters have a variety of printing and painting styles. However, PVC shutters have a short use time, and if they age under sunlight, the original color will turn yellow. In the cutting process is not perfect, lack of advanced consciousness.

Aluminium alloy shutter

Aluminum shutters are more moisture resistant and corrosion resistant, and the color is richer. This material has a strong three-dimensional sense and can be designed with a more beautiful effect. Those who prefer a simple style can match it with black and white. If you prefer a pastoral style, you can blend stone green and light blue. If it is a princess room, choose a light pink, full of elegant romantic atmosphere, so that the entire space and the overall decoration style complement each other.

Solid wood blinds

This high appearance level, high cost of louvers must be selected, is the absolute child of all louvers material. Whether it is pure Japanese white or a classic wood color, it all reveals such a very delicate, elegant, high-end atmosphere. In particular, students like the owners of Chinese pastoral life style, through the pure wood shutters, a use of nature, fresh, clean feeling of their own arises, for the owners like luxury, style, this choice of solid wood shutters will also enhance the overall teaching style of the enterprise as a kind of ultimate beauty.

Fabric blind

For the family owner who likes to keep pets, the choice of cloth blinds in the living room is very suitable. This kind of shutter is generally a large blade, vertical version of the process, can effectively avoid the cat stuck in the gap of the shutter. Moreover, this large blade can make the whole space appear simple and bright, the shading effect is moderate, and the light and dark can be adjusted according to your preference.

Although the blinds have many highlights, they are not as convenient as those without curtains, and there are no curtains for cleaning and care. Therefore, the choice of fabric curtains or blinds in the living room should be based on the owner's aesthetic and needs.

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