HP DaaS solution helps start-ups flexibly control IT budgets and costs

One of the most important things in starting a company is money. In addition to attracting investors to inject new capital into the company, all expenditures, large and small, must be accurately calculated. From renting office space to hiring talent, to adding work equipment for employees, and even IT management and support, all are money. What is the best way to use limited resources flexibly?

Because every minute of expenditure must be within the budget, a highly flexible device management plan is very beneficial for controlling funds. HP's Device as a Service (DaaS) computer management solution combines hardware, proactive management, and IT services to help start-up companies and SMEs use their resources flexibly so that employees can maximize their work efficiency.

HP DaaS solution

DaaS plans to flexibly provide multiple options to cater to the needs of different businesses

HP DaaS provides enterprises with a variety of different HP notebook computers in the form of monthly supply, including high-performance mobile workstation ZBook, thin and light series Elite Dragonfly, and commercial computer ProBook. The monthly supply fee starts from HK $ 263, and enterprises can choose the appropriate device according to their needs.

DaaS also provides standard, enhanced and advanced 3 basic IT service plans with different coverage. Enterprises can purchase the appropriate service plan according to their needs or consult HP's professional consultants. All three plans provide onsite hardware support and HP TechPulse active device management on the next working day. The enhanced version and advanced version also provide additional HP service experts for IT management services, which are monitored by dedicated personnel to ensure the smooth operation of the device and comprehensively improve production efficiency.

Standard version: Provide device usage report, monitor the health status of the computer 7 × 24, and provide hotline and remote or even on-site support.

Enhanced version: additionally provide TechPulse security protection incidents and reports, through real-time malware protection, security protection and threat analysis, and HP's professional opinions on active security protection, to ensure that the device is not threatened by attacks and free from human error.

Advanced version: Provide additional review, deployment, and review to improve the quality of IT asset management. You can also ensure the security of devices and corporate data by providing measures such as confidential Wi-Fi, network restrictions, and formulating and managing Windows information policies.


Proactive management service TechPulse

The TechPulse service provided by HP DaaS is HP's own active management service. It can manage devices from a unified endpoint and protect data on lost devices. Just log in to the TechPulse page, you can check the usage of hard drives and batteries of all company devices, and check whether specific devices have been updated with security software to avoid security risks such as data leakage or loss.

Elite Dragonfly


There is an excellent computer management solution, but also an efficient computer. The HP Elite Dragonfly is light and lightweight. Its magnesium alloy body weighs less than 1kg, depending on the battery specifications, and can last up to 24.5 hours. In addition, its variable design can be folded into a tablet computer, suitable for business users who often need to take the computer to work outside. HP Elite Dragonfly is basically equipped with Intel® Core ™ i5-8265U processor, 8GB LPDDR3-2133 embedded memory, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, and 13.3 "BrightView FHD IPS touch display. It can also choose the right one for employees according to work needs. Hardware configuration, such as upgrading the processor, memory, or selecting the HP Sure View privacy screen.

Security is also a major selling point of HP Elite Dragonfly. The Privacy Camera lens on the top of the HP Elite Dragonfly machine is equipped with a lens cover, which can be closed when the lens is not in use, always maintaining peace of mind; a fingerprint reader is provided in the lower right corner of the keyboard, which is safer and easier to log in. HP also has an artificial intelligence security system, Sure Sense, which uses deep learning to identify and block malware to further enhance data security.