The new iPhone SE is available! Mobile phone photo teaching iOS photos JPEG, HEIF, PNG format conversion

For new iPhones such as , Pro and the new SE 2020, the default photo format has been changed to a more efficient HEIF. When you passed the computer or passed it to a friend, you found that it was not the usual JPG or JPEG, and sometimes others Photo is JPEG, why are there different formats? What if you want to switch to JPEG or PNG yourself? In fact, this is a very simple setting problem, which will be clear after reading this article.

iPhone 11

iPhone Photo Setting JPEG Teaching

The HEIF format is a high-efficiency photo file used by the iPhone in recent years. The intention is to reduce the number of MB in the photo, so that the mobile phone can store more beautiful photos. However, this may make it inconvenient for users to transfer or backup photos to the computer. It is better if they are converted to the commonly used JPEG. The iPhone itself has this function, which allows users to save directly as JPEG pictures after taking pictures , The steps are simple. (Click to see the set instruction :)

In addition to the problem of HEIF, many users found that if the screenshot is saved as PNG, similarly for the convenience of transferring to the computer, the conversion between PNG and JPEG images can be done in the mobile phone, although the iPhone itself does not This feature, but in fact, as long as a very simple free APP " JPEG, PNG, Image file converter"It can be done, and the operation is very easy to press a button! In the future, everyone will not be afraid of formatting problems when using iPhone video. (Click to see the use of teaching :)