iOS 13.5 will solve the problem of wearing Face Mask ID tracking new crown communicator function

The iOS 13.5 Beta 3 developer test version of the iPhone has just been launched. It specifically added the COVID-19 Exposure Notification, a new coronavirus diagnosis spread tracking function launched by Apple and Google, and solved the problem of using Face ID when wearing a mask.

The iOS 13.5 Beta version was originally planned for iOS 13.4.5 Beta, but in order to join the forthcoming launch, the Bluetooth tool COVID-19 Exposure Notification, a Bluetooth tool that tracks the transmission of the new coronavirus, is a collaboration between Apple and Google. Officially skip the previous version and launch with a new test version.

iOS 13.5

As can be seen from the MacRumors report, the COVID-19 contact notification will be added to iOS in the form of an API as previously known, allowing health institutions in various countries to develop their own new coronavirus transmission route tracking apps. The COVID-19 contact notification will be added to Health settings, and as promised by Apple and Google, users have the right to choose whether to participate. However, the COVID-19 contact notification is actually a randomly generated encryption method that sends an identification signal to exchange identification with other nearby mobile phones. Whether it is a government department, Apple, Google or any third-party organization, it is actually unable to collect the user ’s personal information The identification record will only be kept for 14 days. In order to help track the spread of the new coronavirus, it is better to keep this feature turned on.


In addition, in response to the new coronavirus epidemic, it is common for users to wear masks and make Face ID use less convenient. IOS 13.5 Beta 3 also added a change to solve the problems caused by the use of masks. In iOS 13.5 Beta 3, if Face ID detects that the user is wearing a mask, it will skip the steps of repeating the check with Face ID and pop up a prompt to prompt the user to use the password. In addition, according to online discussions, users who have successfully added face masks to Face ID recognition can still continue to wear face masks and use Face ID.

iOS 13.5 Beta 3 also adds an option in Group FaceTime, allowing users to turn off the dynamic zoom effect, and multiplayer video will no longer enlarge its screen because one of the friends is speaking. The new features of iOS 13.5 Beta 3 are expected to be pushed to other users' iPhones in the official version within a few weeks.