【New Coronary Pneumonia】 Briefing on the suspension of UK classes

British teaching has always been based on the principle of whole-person development. After "closing the country", neither the public elementary school of oneself nor the friends and children around will put too much pressure on students in their studies. The social culture of the United Kingdom is different from that of Hong Kong, and most families do not have workers sisters who are available 24/7. In addition, because the United Kingdom attaches great importance to the elderly at high risk, the government requires them to isolate themselves, and most people are quite conscious of this policy, so most working parents have to play a few roles: work from home ( work from home); do housework; take care of children and teaching at home; also give food to the elderly.

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【The author is mama's adventure in London】

I receive emails from school principals or teachers every week. Most of the content is encouraging. I advise parents not to put unnecessary pressure on adults and children for home learning. Especially at younger levels, the teacher kept emphasizing that parents should do more or less according to the family situation (just do as little or as much as you can).

After the Easter holiday, the primary school is obviously more compact for the home of senior students, and it is slowly approaching the school curriculum, but most of the time children can also complete it by themselves. If there is more free time, London mama also has some practical free net The above textbooks are recommended to everyone:

Suitable for kindergarten to early childhood, but also has a high level of resources. Lively and fun. Subscriptions can be paid, or trial without payment. Some resources are free of charge.

Including English, Pinyin, math and even simple coding and typing training. There are training paper, lesson plan, online game. The rhythm of online game can be quite fast. If children do not have a certain understanding of the subject, sometimes it will be difficult. It is recommended that parents can let children make training papers first, and then consolidate their abilities before playing online games.

Leveled books. It is useful for children who fail to read chapter books by themselves. You can select a certain level of e-books for children. You can read them by computer or by yourself, and then answer the questions. There are suggestions on the website that if the children can continue to answer a certain number of questions at a certain level, they will raise the level to facilitate parents ’track progress. Paid subscription and free samples are available. Specially appreciate that it has various types of books, not only stories, but also science, history, etc .... sustainable reading habits without going to the library.

In addition to e-books, the site also has other learning resources.

There are American and British versions, more academic mathematics and English training. Suitable for elementary school, especially high school students or above. The website also has secondary-level resources.

Plus points and points system, plus 3-4 points if you get it right, you can lose 10 points if you make a mistake. If there are consecutive errors, children may need encouragement to complete. A little cruel but can definitely train children to check their answers. Complete a unit in 100 minutes. If the entire unit cannot be completed at once, it is recommended to give the child a designated score before starting and ask him to achieve it. If you make a mistake, it will be completed quickly, but if you make a mistake, it will take a long time. Usually, you will make your children try to be cautious and do not want to make mistakes. Subscription can be paid, or trial without payment.