[Suspended classes and non-stop classes] No device to cooperate with online learning institutions to collect old tablets

During the suspension of classes, many schools implement online teaching, hoping that students can absorb more of the knowledge that should be mastered this semester, but for many public housing and grassroots families, this move can be described as "suspending classes plus suspension" In the living environment, desktop computers cannot be accommodated, and there are no portable devices at home, so many online classrooms have been missed, and the gap with students is widened.


Greenfoot promoters help organizations collect old phablets and struggle with online teaching

Greenfoot is a social enterprise where a group of parents spontaneously walked together. The promoter Kenny had successfully collected more than 20 second-hand laptops / tablets for the Christian Hong Kong Lutheran Church Taihe Youth Comprehensive Service Center through a public appeal The number of families supported is far more than this number, and there are many more parents inquiring about tablet computers, so now we call on more kind-hearted people to donate old machines.

In addition to tablet computers, Kenny pointed out that grassroots families still face network problems that need to be solved. Most of them only have mobile phones and ordinary monthly Internet fee plans. It is difficult to meet the needs of online teaching. Eggs, help them through the difficulties.

Secondary school students are preferred

Lynn, director of the Taihe Youth Integrated Service Centre of the Hong Kong Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, pointed out that the service of the old collection machine is mainly for public housing and grass-roots families in Tai Po District. Children's families, and then primary school students. If the public has any old tablet computers with Internet access, they are welcome to donate to the families in need after returning to the factory settings. After completing the form, the organization will contact you as soon as possible to follow up with you for details.