"Sing Tao Daily": Securities Supervisory Commissioner Liang Fengyi and Huang Yihong Involved in Fraud Transactions and Misappr

The predecessor of Xingmei Culture (2366), Qin + Yuan, whose founder Liang Fengyi and his husband Huang Yihong were admitted to the High Court by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said that between 2010 and 2012, the two borrowed 21 heads to establish more than 10 separate rooms. The shore company, in 10 cases involving a total of 327 million yuan, nearly 200 sets of TV drama broadcast transfer transaction agreement, involved raising the transaction price, in order to embezzle the company's funds of more than 70 million yuan.

Sing Tao Daily

According to the "Sing Tao Daily" report, the SFC requires the High Court to issue orders for Liang Fengyi and Huang Yihong not to be directors of the company within the specified period, and prohibit direct or indirect participation in company management. The person compensates the company for the losses suffered, and accounts for the benefits they obtained in the plan.

The report quoted the report and pointed out that from June 2010 to July 2011, Liang Fengyi reached 10 suspicious sales contract agreements through 9 offshore suppliers under the company's two offshore companies, namely, Xinghongye International and Fengyue. ; Also pointed out that the transfer of the rights to broadcast the TV show is not a normal transaction. It is a plan that Liang Fengyi or Huang Yihong participated in. The purpose is to embezzle a large amount of the company ’s funds and then transfer it to the company controlled by Liang Fengyi. Not knowing beforehand.

At the same time, the offshore company shareholders involved in the transaction are closely related to Liang Fengyi and Huang Yihong, both of whom are close friends or company employees. Within 2 years of Liang Fengyi's resignation from management, the person concerned was successively delisted from the offshore company registry. The SFC believes that the transaction is fabricated and the purpose is to misappropriate company funds. Liang Fengyi obviously has conflicts of interest in the transaction and does not To conceal the incident honestly.