One-month Hong Kong dollar interest rate 1.06125% continued to hit a one-month low

The Hong Kong dollar interest rate is generally reported today. Among them, the 1-month interest rate related to the mortgage has reached 1.06125%, which is a new one-month low.

Hong Kong dollar

According to the latest Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR) published on the website of the Hong Kong Association of Banks, the overnight rate was reported at 0.65524%, down 9 basis points, and the 1-week rate was reported at 0.88804%, down 11 basis points. Two-week interest rate 0.91536%, down 10 basis points.

The 1-month interest rate reported 1.06125%, down 8 basis points. The two-month interest rate reported 1.47929%, down nearly 5 basis points. The 3-month interest rate was 1.63821%, down 2 basis points.

In terms of long-term interest rates, the 6-month interest rate was reported at 1.81929%, down 1 basis point; the 12-month interest rate was reported at 1.91464%, unchanged from the previous working day.