payment Gateway Features


In addition to processing online payments, the payment gateway also has other social functions in China:

1. payment information storage

payment gateways can securely store encrypted payment information. Therefore,subscription payment gateway,customers do not have to constantly rewrite their information.

2. Encryption

All payment networks will encrypt sensitive payment information before it is transmitted to the handling bank.

3. Virtual terminal

A virtual terminal is a browser-based version of a physical development credit card terminal that allows you to enter a customer's credit card for information. It can process transactions directly from a computer's web browser, and even we can use mobile devices through online web forms. When you hold the card, the processing speed will start to drop.

4. integral

payment gateways can be integrated with other tools, such as billing software like Quickbooks, shopping platforms like Shopify.

5. Regular billing

Subscription-based pricing is becoming a popular payment method. Orderbook provides recurring billing capabilities that can be automated.

6. ApI Tools and Developer Information

Most payment gateways give you the opportunity to customize them to meet your specific social needs in terms of technology.

7. pCI Compliance

The payment gateway is pci compliant, so you can safely accept payments and avoid fines.

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