Elderly Phone Plan allows you to keep in touch with your elders at all times.

Elderly Phone Plan allows you to keep in touch with your elders at all times.

Some time ago, Hong Kong was once again affected by the epidemic, and with the rising number of confirmed cases, it is only natural that children and elders in the family would be more cautious and minimize their trips out of the house as much as possible. As a result, children and grandchildren seldom meet with their elders, and as they are probably worried about each other, they often use video phone calls instead of communicating directly with each other. This is a good idea, but for elders who do not have broadband at home, the data traffic is obviously not enough. Luckily, there is now Elderphone Plan for you to choose, so that you can communicate with your elders at any time.

Elderly Phone Plan provides faster Internet access.

Nowadays, many elders know how to use their smartphones. Apart from simple incoming and outgoing calls, they also use their smartphones to read newspapers and magazines on the Internet, some of them use various social networking apps, and some of them even play mahjong, chess and watch various dramas online, which is obviously not enough for them to use their data. The launch of ElderPhone Plan is specifically designed to solve the problem of the elderly who tend to run out of data, realizing full-speed data, high traffic, and smoother communication on the Internet.

Elderly Phone Plan provides learning power

Even when they are at home, the elderly need to have entertainment programs to pass their time. In their spare time, they can make use of the various functions of the smart phone to help them understand the current hot and interesting events in the society, as well as to learn online. Elderly Phone Plan allows seniors to better experience the essence of living to learn, bringing strong learning power, a smart phone can understand a variety of fresh hot news, but also can communicate with friends and family at any time, on the prevention of depression, reduce mental illness has a certain positive significance.

Elderly Phone Plan meets different needs

There are several different telecommunication companies in Hong Kong, and they have launched corresponding elderly phone plans for customers to choose from. During the selection process, it is not difficult to find that the monthly billing can be selected from the basic version or the high traffic version, so no matter whether it is for the occasional video phone call, or often play TV dramas, games, you will be able to find the right elderly phone plan, so that different types of elderly people can find the right solution.