A cup of coffee for yourself. Tips for coffee time to warm your body and soul.

A cup of coffee for yourself. Tips for coffee time to warm your body and soul.

Feel the sea breeze and retro cityscape of Yokohama

A pleasant sea breeze, historic buildings scattered here and there, and Chinatown with its delicious food. As autumn draws to a close, it's the perfect place to stroll the streets. If you know of a great cafe in Yokohama where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, you'll enjoy strolling around the city even more.

The cafes of famous brands that you should visit on your way around the city

With so many cafes in Yokohama, it's hard to choose the one that's perfect for you, isn't it? In such times, I would like to check out the cafes by the famous fashion brand Ralph Lauren in the NEWoMan Yokohama, which is directly connected to Yokohama Station West. Inside the café, based on the colors of green and white, you can take a break from shopping or spend time with your close family and friends.

Enjoy a special coffee to make your coffee time more enjoyable!

Ralph's Chocolate Cake (900 yen) and Cappuccino (580 yen) with its cute bear latte art

The coffee beans are blended exclusively for Ralph Lauren by La Colombe, a popular coffee shop in New York City. The beans are grown in Central and South America and Africa and are used to brew the highest quality cup of coffee. You'll also find cakes and brownies made to the same recipe as the original in New York City. You'll be happy to know that the restaurant offers a wide variety of teas, juices and coffee drinks in addition to coffee.

Great for walking around town or having a picnic.

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Hot chocolate (750 yen), made with chocolate from Valrhona, France, and the Matcha Latte (750 yen), made with the highest quality matcha tea from Kyoto.

There are six counter seats and four tables inside, but you can also take out and stroll around the city or sit outside on a bench to savor your coffee. The stylish design of the green logo on the cups and shop bags goes well with the streets of Yokohama.

Make your coffee time more special

Ralph's Coffee Drip Bags (2,500 yen, 10 bags) and coffee mugs with the logo printed on them (3,500 yen)

For those who want to make authentic coffee at home, we recommend our drip bags that allow you to enjoy Ralph's Roast, the signature blend of Ralph's Coffee, in the comfort of your own home. We also have a wide range of other items, including mugs, T-shirts, tote bags and other items that are only available here, making them perfect for yourself or as gifts. It will make your everyday life a little more special.

Let's enjoy a stroll through Yokohama with a cup of good coffee in hand!

Would you like to enjoy a cup of coffee at Ralph's Coffee as an accompaniment to a fun walk in Yokohama? On a nice day, you can relax in the garden on the sixth floor of NEWoMan Yokohama, with a cup of coffee in hand.

Ralph's Coffee has four locations across Japan, in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya in addition to Yokohama, so if you are ever in town, be sure to stop by for a coffee break. A good cup of coffee is sure to make a great day for you.

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What accomplish coffee capsules?

Little, pre-packaged coffee pods called coffee capsules can be used in particular coffee makers. They provide a quick and simple way to make coffee, which is why they're becoming more and more popular.

Can coffee capsules be reused?

In essence, reusable coffee capsules allow for continual refilling with ground coffee so that they can be used repeatedly while minimizing waste. Reusable capsules are typically constructed of stainless steel, according to Natalie. [ After each usage, you can wash them out to make room for the subsequent brew.

What's in a coffee capsule?

PBT, short for Polybutylene Terephthalate, is a food-grade plastic that is used to make the majority of coffee capsules today. The lids are made of aluminum foil. Most PBT capsules are airtight and sealed in an oxygen-free environment, similar to aluminum capsules, allowing the coffee inside to stay fresher for longer.

Are coffee capsules single-use items?

The technical response, per the manufacturer's instructions, is "no." Having said that, many individuals have discovered that a single coffee pod may make coffee in several cup sizes. In other words, if you regularly make a tiny cup of coffee from a pod, you might be able to make two.

A pill contains how much coffee?

About 20g of ground coffee, or four times as much as a regular Nespresso capsule, is used in a typical shot from an espresso machine. Five grams of ground coffee can be found in typical Nespresso capsules.