Is the temperature gun broken, or am I 'broken'? Is the temperature monitoring fluctuating high and low forehead thermometer rel

Is the temperature gun broken, or am I 'broken'? Is the temperature monitoring fluctuating high and low forehead thermometer rel

At present, the temperature is used every day for work, in and out of the community, and the temperature gun has become the daily line of defense against the epidemic. Many attentive citizens have found that their body temperature is not the legendary 37 degrees Celsius, braun digital ear thermometer,and more people have entered into why the body is healthy and the body temperature is chaotic.

Is the frontal temperature correct? Will the measured body temperature change when it is hot or cold outdoors? A reporter from Sanxiang Daily conducted an investigation and interview.

At noon on March 4, Mr. Liu, who lives in Meixi Lake International New City, Yuelu District, Changsha City, told reporters what he encountered in the morning. When he took the subway to work in the morning, the subway security personnel took his temperature, which showed 37.7 ℃. He was asked to retest in panic as the hot water gun went off.

The security staff told him that the passenger's body temperature was over 37.3°C, and they would register, observe and transfer information in strict accordance with regulations. "When I heard this, I panicked."

A minute later, the security personnel re-tested him, and the value was 34.2 ℃ this time, and Mr. Liu was released. "Is the thermometer broken, or am I 'broken'?" Mr. Liu was a little confused.

Mr. Zhang, who lives in Wangcheng District, was also embarrassed. On March 1, he walked 8 to 9 minutes to pick up a package at the community gate. "After getting the package and returning to the community, he was stopped by security to take his temperature." The warm gun made several movements on his forehead, but there was no response. The security guard was blunt, saying he couldn't let them through unless a normal temperature was taken. Mr. Zhang had an idea and kept rubbing his forehead with his hand. After 5 minutes, he measured it again. The temperature gun on his forehead finally responded. At 35 ℃, Mr. Zhang was released.

Forehead gun shows normal temperature, but doctor says he has a fever

The experience of Ms. Yuan, a resident of Changsha, is different from the above. The gun on her forehead almost delayed her illness.

Ms. Yuan recalled that on January 23, she suddenly felt cold all over her body and had a premonition that she had a cold and a fever, so she took out the forehead thermometer at home and swept the "gun" on her forehead. The result showed that it was 36.5 ℃, which is a normal body temperature.

There was no abnormal body temperature, but the physical fitness was calling the police. In addition, we were in the outbreak period of the epidemic. Ms. Yuan, who was worried about infecting her family, was finally a student and rushed to the nearby hospital to see a patient. Hospital staff took her temperature and it was the same as what she had taken at home. Her temperature is normal.

But at the outpatient clinic of the hospital, Ms. Yuan confirmed her prognosis after being measured by a doctor with a mercury thermometer, with a body temperature of 38.5°C and a fever. Under the guidance of the doctor, Ms. Yuan recovered quickly. Speaking of our social experience, Ms. Yuan said, "I hope the forehead gun can be more accurate!"

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