Will the epidemic subvert the future aircraft seat design? The new 'Inverted Machine Separator' claims high anti-flying stabil

Aircraft seat

The global epidemic of new pneumonia has not subsided, but before effective vaccines and drugs come out, people will have to gradually return to normal life sooner or later. So, at this moment, people should talk about discoloration and avoid traveling on the flight, how can we ensure safety?

According to the financial news website MarketWatch, an Italian manufacturer has proposed an innovative airliner seat design that allows three passengers in a row to sit side by side without worrying about the possibility of being infected by droplets from the next seat that may hit the dart.

According to the newly revised “Janus” seat design just released by Aviointeriors, the three-row seats in a row are separated by glass plates that are higher than the passenger ’s head, and the left and right seats face forward, and the middle seat faces Later, to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

The Italian aircraft seat manufacturer said: "This arrangement allows three passengers to sit side by side with a transparent protective panel in the middle of the seats separated from each other, giving everyone a protective barrier. Each passenger has his own Isolated spaces separated by others can even be separated from passersby in the walkway. "

Whether passengers will take this seat design will be unknown. Aviointeriors clearly hopes that the innovative "Janus" seats will receive more favorable reviews than the "Skyrider 2.0" upright seats launched two years ago.

The original design of the "Skyrider" series of seats is to make the seat layout of the passenger aircraft cabin "super high density". In 2010, version 1.0 was launched; the version 2.0 released in 2018 advertises that passenger capacity can be increased by 20% while providing "sufficient comfort ”; Release 3.0 version of vertical seats in 2019. But obviously these innovative designs have not been widely adopted by the market.