Meat for Shabu Shabu

Meat for Shabu Shabu

In addition to basic beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, fish and other hot pot flavors are also very popular now.


Shabu is basically beef. Japanese beef such as black-haired wagyu can be tasted in high-end restaurants.


The most common thing for ordinary people is pork hot pot.Beef Shabu(牛涮鍋). Beef Shabu Shabu is also called "pork Shabu Shabu". pork also matches well with yuzu vinegar and sesame sauce.


There are also many shabu-shabu restaurants offering chicken shabu-shabu, which is said to be the most refreshing of all kinds of meat-shabu.

Shabu-shabu of non-animal meat

In addition to beef, pork and chicken shabu-shabu, root vegetables or fish shabu-shabu, or seafood shabu-shabu, has also become popular recently!

1. Shabu-shabu of root vegetables


The hot ingredients in shabu-shabu can basically be vegetables that students can cook in the pot, but there are also vegetables such as radishes, carrots, and lettuce that are very suitable for shabu-shabu. Lettuce is cut into meat-sized pieces, while carrots and radish heads are cut into thin slices.

2. Fish Shabu Shabu


For fish shabu-shabu, fish slices thinner than sashimi are used. For fish, yellowtail, snapper and red snapper are commonly used. The more rare ingredients are crab and octopus.

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