Buy children's clothing should pay attention to which aspects

Childrens Sweaters

Selection of clothes for infants and children

It should be taken into account that the clothes are not added to the Childrens Sweatersskin with irritating ingredients. Pay attention to the PH value, if the PH value exceeds the appropriate range for the skin, it will irritate and corrode the skin, cause skin inflammation, damage the human sweat gland system and nervous system, and endanger health. If the textile is in strong acid or strong alkali conditions, it is not only easy to damage, but also can irritate the skin, causing skin allergies, itching and other discomfort to children's skin.

Second, consider the material of the clothes, it is best to choose cotton. Because the baby's metabolism is fast, love to sweat. Darling wear this to prevent bacterial invasion. The baby's skin has a certain protective effect. Especially the baby's intimate clothing, do not choose chemical fiber fabrics, do not absorb sweat, do not breathe, the baby is not comfortable to wear.

In addition, the clothes should not be too tight. Note that the buckle and zipper will not rub the child's delicate skin, or it will cause superficial skin damage.

Can not buy some washed will fade, poor dye fastness of clothing, encounter water, sweat stains or saliva, pigment is easy to fall off fading, pigment in the dye to carry out the molecules and heavy metal ions between may we be social skin can be absorbed, endangering the psychological health of Chinese children.

Can not buy the ball, formaldehyde content exceeds the standard clothes. Formaldehyde content is too high in textiles made of clothing, in the process of wearing gradually released free formaldehyde, through the human skin and breathing harmful to the human body. The damage to the skin of infants is enormous. This is especially true for allergic infants, who are also at high risk for skin irritation.

Wash new clothes you buy back before you wear them. The clothes you buy back with your baby must need to be washed first to remove the formaldehyde in this dye. Because corporate formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, buy back new clothes after we teachers can by first soaking in our detergent, in the cleaning process clean without a drying before giving the baby to wear. This way students can give the baby an extra layer for protection, parents will also be more at ease.

Choose a mild detergent. Detergent for baby laundry must be mild and non-irritating. It is best to choose a baby detergent that does not contain fluorescents, which can reduce the damage to the baby's skin. Reduce the use of laundry detergent and washing powder, because these are not easy to wash off and can easily remain on the clothes.

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