[Thailand Tourism] Novelty Hotel Experience! Live in the ‘rainforest bubble’ room to see the elephants and the starry sky

Thailand Tourism

Located on the top of the ancient rainforest mountain in North Thailand, the "Anantara Golden Triangle" is an 160-acre site overlooking the Mekong River and the Rock River. It offers spectacular views of the confluence of the rivers in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The elephant lives in this beautiful natural environment. In order to allow visitors to view this group of beautiful behemoths in the least disturbing manner, the Golden Triangle Elephant Park Anantara Resort has launched two transparent "rainforest bubble" rooms, using the excellent geographical advantages Dream accommodation experience.

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The "Rainforest Bubble" placed on a raised wooden platform was specially created by Eye In The Sky, using high-tech polyester materials and Precontraint Serge Ferrari's exclusive technology. The indoor area is 22 square meters and is equipped with air conditioning. It is divided into a bedroom and a living space. The bedroom has a king-size bed and a seating area. The top and surrounding areas are mostly transparent materials, providing an immersive experience without dead ends. The configuration of the bathroom is almost the same as that of ordinary rooms.

Guests staying at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Park Resort can book "Rainforest Bubble" as an additional activity. Spend the entire night from dusk to dawn in the bubble and return to their rooms early in the morning. In addition to the coffee and tea making facilities, the bubble room also has a minibar available for use, as well as a 24-hour room service.

The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Park Resort is world-renowned for its elephant camps. They work with the GTAEF Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation to help elephants who need to be rescued, such as being abused or unable to survive on their own, as well as domesticated elephants and their families. The hotel itself hopes to collect experience through this world ’s first rainforest bubble facility. In the future, it may be possible to expand the scale and share the experience with other elephant camps to create a natural environment for elephants and elephants who do not want to approach strangers. Lifestyle, to avoid the physical and spiritual exploitation of elephants as a tool for making money.