Fabric curtains purchasing five steps, how to choose the right curtains

Fabric curtains purchasing five steps, how to choose the right curtains

Beautiful curtains not only lies in the color and pattern collocation, but also in the type of fabric, style design and accessories selection. But although it seems that everyone will live, in fact, it is still very delicate.curtain designs According to the order of curtain shopping, Bianshao remind consumers to pay attention to a lot of small problems that are easy to ignore, to help consumers buy their own satisfaction.

Fabric curtains purchasing five steps, how to choose the right curtains

Step 1: clear use

Protection of privacy, blocking glare, enhance warmth or simple decoration, first of all, to clarify the use of each curtain, with this foundation, the choice of curtains will not be a big mistake. Bedroom and bathroom privacy is the most important in the house, so consider their color and thickness when choosing curtains, especially when the lights are on at night and the activities of the people in the room can be seen from the outside. And areas such as the living room, study, and kitchen, which don't have to cover anything, can have some weaker curtains. Some houses are L-shaped or the distance between the buildings is relatively small, so if you do not want everything to be exposed to the view of the neighbors, then it is necessary to hang curtains all year round, so that the curtains, which have a good transparency, but also block the view from the outside. The same applies to living on the first floor or in a villa. Install at least two curtains. If your windows face east or west, shading is the most important use of curtains. Sun shading is both a curtain to block out strong light and to keep the room bright, which is also

to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Houses close to main city streets have strong streetlights and billboards at night. In order to have a stable sleep, thicker curtains are needed to cover them.

Step 2: Decide on the style

Flat curtains or Roman curtains, whether to add decorative curtain heads or not, curtain design has a close relationship with the shape of the window, the frequency of opening, and the style of the room.focal shade Ordinary windows are generally open curtain style with curtain rods or slides. Narrow windows (width less than 1.5 meters) can be opened in one direction. Light changes quickly in the room, should be used Roman-style curtains, through the manual control or electric control device can be adjusted at will the fall position of the curtains, control the amount of light into the room. If you put the furniture in front of the window, you can also

Installation of Roman blinds, open more convenient, does not occupy space. Roman blinds are also suitable for hexagonal or curved rooms. In such a house, the windows will be divided into several parts and Roman blinds will ensure a good connection between each of them. Roman blinds are also the best design for convex windows, mounted inside the window frame to save fabric and space. Roman shades can be made into flat, scalloped or water wave shades. , which can be chosen according to the style and fabric.

Regarding the length of smart curtains, floor-to-ceiling windows are generally matched with floor-to-ceiling realization curtains; half-cut windows are best to keep the hem generally controlled to prevent the window sill as well as 30 centimeters below.

There are many ways to choose curtain rod installation: direct perforation in the fabric, easy to pull open; outside the shape of the bag, looks beautiful, but the friction between the fabric and the rod, especially when the size of the bag and the diameter of the rod is similar, it is more difficult to pull back and forth. The sling form looks very simple for lighter and thinner fabrics. The method of tying the sling is also not easy to pull and is suitable for windows that are not often pulled for decorative purposes.custom blinds It is advisable to purchase curtain rings for easy removal and replacement during cleaning. Sliders have a better load-bearing capacity than curtain rods, so they are suitable for curtains with large widths, fabrics and weights.

Whether or not you need a curtain header depends mainly on whether or not a curtain box is installed. For the sake of aesthetics, curtain boxes will be decorated with curtain heads. But at present, it is no longer popular to install curtain boxes in ordinary houses. Unless there are windows with a height higher than 3 meters, or large floor-to-ceiling windows such as villas, curtain boxes will be installed to make some curtain header decoration.

Step 3: Selection of fabric

In addition to colorful patterns, the thickness of the curtain fabric, fiber composition and whether it has been specially treated have a great impact on future use. When choosing fabrics, the direction of the window often has a great influence. Windows facing south, good light, gauze, thin cotton or silk is more appropriate. Rooms in the north, which tend to be cold and gray, should choose warm colors and some thick curtains to increase the temperature. Rooms facing east or west are stimulated by strong sunlight for several hours a day, use specially treated or neutral fabrics that would otherwise fade or discolor, preferably with some insulation.、

Natural fiber, cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics, drape well and feel comfortable. Just natural fibers are not suitable for the stimulation of high temperature and strong light, so they can not be used in a room exposed to the sun. Fabrics made of man-made fibers or synthetic fibers, after special treatment, are superior to natural fiber fabrics in terms of shrinkage, wrinkle and discoloration resistance, and are highly practical.

Step 4: understand the calculation methodMeasure the size of the window, but not yet fully can be clear about the amount of fabric used, although there are businesses to help students to calculate, or first learned some of the basic calculation of the business teaching methods and rules, so as to avoid mistakes.You can remember the following formula: (window width + 0.15 × 2) × 2 = finished curtain widthFinished curtain width u002Fcloth width × curtain height = fabric required for curtains.The formula for calculating the width of the curtain header: Width of the header × 3 folds / width of the fabric = Width

Number of frames × (height of curtain head + margin) = meters of fabric required.

Roman blinds are divided into inner Roman blinds and outer Roman blinds.Outer Roman blinds to cover the outer frame of their window can be, inner Roman blinds measurement must be carried out accurately, the measurement is divided into the upper middle and lower structure of three different sizes.Roman blinds single

Width is less than 1.5 meters, so in the calculation only need to consider the length, with a piece of cloth can be.

Apply the formula:1 x (window height + Maine side) = meters of fabric required.

In Riboux and Riboux, Roman-style curtains are covered with pleated aluminum strips.Apply the formula:Curtain height + 4cm (amount of fabric used per pleat) x number of pleats = meters of fabric required for lining.

Step 5: Curtain rods and slides

Accessories company determines the curtain hanging control effect and ease of use, selection must be carried out more need to be careful.Curtain rod and slide rail made of plastic, wood, aluminum alloy, iron, stainless steel and pure zinc alloy. The surface treatment of aluminum alloy material should choose electrophoretic coating or oxidation treatment.The difference between it and spray paint is that spray-painted surface looks uneven in the light and feels very astringent, while electrophoretic paint and oxidized products have a bright and even surface color and are smooth and soft to the touch.Iron parts surface treatment using ordinary paint and plating, but not good or easy to paint, ordinary two-pipe joints, sliding performance is poor, but the steel bearing capacity is irreplaceable by other materials.When choosing rods must pay attention to the thin-walled rods, the thinner the wall rods the smaller the carrying capacity, the more likely to have an accident in use.You can remove the trim header to see the inside.Sometimes it is difficult to install poles because of the walls.Pay more attention to the design of the bracket.The bracket should have a large contact surface with the wall so that it can be hung securely.The screws should be the right length to really withstand the force and avoid leaving hidden problems.

Slide rail according to its shape can be divided into: straight rail, curved rail, telescopic rail, etc., mainly used for window frames with curtains.The most commonly used linear rails are: heavy rail, plastic nano rail, low noise rail. Aluminum curtain guide rail has high strength, good hardness and long service life. The telescopic guide is very convenient to use, you can adjust the proportion, but when choosing the key of the telescopic guide, pay attention to the interface treatment, because the interface is good or bad to determine the service life of the guide.The interface is not handled well, the use will wear the pulley, thus affecting the pull away.Bent rails are suitable for use in various curved, octagonal and irregular window sills.The thickness of the curved rail material determines the size of the bending angle and the size of the load bearing.