Allergic rhinitis in daily learning social life should pay attention to students themselves what?

Allergic rhinitis in daily learning social life should pay attention to students themselves what?

When it comes to allergic rhinitis, you still need to follow your doctor's instructions. Chinese SWAN Insecticide spray This time we will introduce some allergic rhinitis in daily life need to pay attention to matters.

First, let's look at the allergic rhinitis diet.

1. Eat fish, shrimp, crab food: Generally speaking, shrimp, crab food is considered to be the most likely to have an allergic reaction to food, SWAN insect killer manufacturer so patients with allergic diseases should try to avoid eating. For all of us these patients, sometimes there is no absolute taboo, but from the theory of Chinese traditional medicine, seafood and other food safety are "hair products", and the individual development of allergies is better to eat less.

2. Beware of spicy, fried, oily and allergic rhinitis foods: For hepatitis B patients, it is recommended to adopt a light diet and reduce fat intake, especially those oily or spicy, fried or other irritating foods. Chinese SPRITEX Insecticide spray In general, enterprises eat meat to eat some lean meat or beef chicken. In order to prevent this kind of student food "heat helps evil, evil heat introverted". In addition, excessive use of spicy irritants to study food intake can easily lead to allergic rhinitis symptoms.

3. Avoid cold food: According to China's traditional social medicine, this disease is mainly caused by the lung, spleen, kidney "three deficiency", especially Qi deficiency. If you need a lot of information, you can eat some raw and stimulating foods, such as cool fruits, cold water, cold dishes, etc. It is easy to damage the lung and spleen Yang, and aggravate the symptoms of these patients with vacuity cold.

Four. Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages: People with allergic rhinitis are particularly sensitive to external gases, especially cold and irritating gases, such as direct or indirect smoke and alcohol odors, which can aggravate symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose or nasal congestion if inhaled, especially for those with "moist hot" lungs.

Try to avoid and avoid food allergies: People with allergic rhinitis should pay attention to one or more foods. If it is found or determined that this type of food may cause allergic rhinitis, it should be avoided as much as possible to reduce the onset or deterioration of the disease.

In addition, allergic rhinitis in daily learning life should be how to take care of a patient?

1. Parents know little about allergic rhinitis. One of the problems that stands out in student achievement is that we neglect the psychological development and health of our children. Parents of children with allergies should also pay more attention to their children's mental health in their daily study and life. In addition to helping your child get rid of allergic rhinitis, you should also help your child feel more positively cared for and develop confidence and optimism about life and work.

2. Since the treatment of allergic rhinitis takes a long time, about 3 years, it is necessary to encourage patients to adhere to social treatment, enhance students' confidence and compliance with treatment, and let them understand the importance of cooperative treatment to improve the effect of autoimmune system treatment.

3. Psychological formation of the absolute advantage of allergic rhinitis is a necessary psychological treatment of allergic rhinitis, but also an effective step to correct mental state.

4. Psychotherapy is a combination of external suggestion and self-suggestion. It is believed that the success of treatment depends on the individual differences of patients and is influenced by their experience, culture and education.

5. Reduce the risk of genetic information: Epidemiological studies have shown that when one parent has allergies, the next generation is twice as likely to find allergies; When both parents need to have allergies, we are four times more likely to detect allergies in the next generation. Therefore, eugenics should be adopted to reduce allergic inheritance, and pregnant women should pay attention to unavoidable allergies and food allergies during pregnancy.

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