Functional curtains: the multiple benefits of protection, beautification and innovation

What has Functional Curtains :.

What has Functional Curtains :.

UV-protective curtains:Moderate UV rays are good for humans and living things, but excessive UV rays can damage living things and shorten the life of interior decorations and furniture.

Most curtains themselves have a certain degree of UV protection, especially thick, dense fabric itself can block most of the ultraviolet rays through, some fibers,solar blind such as hemp, bamboo fibers, also have better UV protection.

For the requirements of good light transmission, but also want to shield the ultraviolet thin curtains, you can add inorganic or organic anti-ultraviolet agents in the fabric, in which inorganic oxides are used more, such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, silicon oxide, alumina, magnesium oxide and so on. Especially when this mineral micropowder reaches the nanometer level, its particle size is similar to that in the ultraviolet light,roller blind with large specific surface area and high surface energy, which can reflect and scatter part of the ultraviolet light. At the same time, some electrons are activated and a series of chemical reactions occur, which can convert energy into heat and release light, still allowing normal light to enter the room normally.

Reflective and Full Blackout Curtains: these two types of curtains can generally be produced by technical companies using coatings or plating.motorized roller blind Reflective curtains are designed to reflect most of the student sunlight out of the room, which can lower the ambient temperature of the room.

At the same time, the right amount of light enters the room for illumination. This curtain fabric can be scraped on the outside of the room side of the silver powder or vacuum aluminum plating, in order to produce a strong reflection effect, the sunlight will be reflected to the outside. Full blackout curtains can be made of multi-layer scratch coating, foam blackout coating, and light-colored surface coating fabrics, which can achieve full blackout and beautiful effect.

Antibacterial and anti-insect curtains:Antibacterial curtains can inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria and mold, eliminate the odor produced by bacterial reproduction, and prevent the spread of certain diseases.

Curtains raw materials include: natural antibacterial fibers, such as chitin fibers, hemp fibers, bamboo fibers; metal fibers, such as silver, copper, nickel-chromium alloy; the application of the more common is to add antibacterial fibers in ordinary fibers. Commonly used antimicrobial agents are inorganic antimicrobial agents and organic antimicrobial agents. Inorganic antimicrobial agents mainly include silver, copper, zinc ions and zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and other metal oxides. There are many types of organic antimicrobial agents, such as organometallic compounds, halides, isothiazoles, quaternary ammonium salts, diphenyl ethers, organic nitrogen compounds and so on. Anti-mosquito liquid is added to the production process of curtain fabrics to achieve the effect of anti-mosquito liquid.

Negative ion curtain:With the expansion of the city, the green area is relatively reduced, and the number of negative ions in the air is low. Negative ion curtains in a certain temperature, humidity, light, movement conditions, can emit more negative ions beneficial to the human body.

Curtains add students some can stimulate the study of the air to produce a large number of negative ions in the mineral micropowder, such as tourmaline, Qi Bing stone, opal, etc. can be through the prompt negative ions can be produced. One of the negative oxygen ions is mainly to carry out the capture of an enterprise electron oxygen molecules, negative oxygen ions have the ability to be able to combine with other bacteria, dust, smoke and other positively charged particles technology, and gathered into a ball fell to the ground in China, thus can play an effective role in sterilizing and eliminating the role of these odors, such as cigarette smoke, decorative materials to get the release of harmful effects of the gas produced by the odor, and so on. The results of the study show that in the ultraviolet irradiation, the fabric as well as the organization of the honeycomb structure organization, the fabric weft density of different choices of 20 roots / cm,,, the atmospheric ambient temperature of 20 ° C, the relatively high humidity of 55% of the conditions, the negative ion mode function analysis of the fabric system releases the largest amount of negative ions. When the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air does not reach 20,000 / cm3, the amount of airborne dust will be reduced by more than 98%.

Far-infrared curtains: Far-infrared textiles can absorb the heat of the human body or the outside world, the light will be converted into far-infrared rays, which can increase the temperature of the surface of the textile, to promote the human body's blood circulation and metabolism, and has certain health care functions.

Far infrared textiles far infrared emissivity is about 10% higher than ordinary textiles, far infrared emissivity greater than 85% of most textiles called far infrared textiles. Far infrared curtains are made of fabrics containing far infrared ceramic powder. Adding method can be added in the chemical fiber spinning, but also through the finishing process will be far-infrared ceramic micro-powder attached to the fabric, its emissivity according to the micro-powder to add the varieties and the number of changes. At present, most of the micropowders added are compound functions, such as not only generating negative ions, but also emitting far-infrared rays, and can also raise the indoor temperature, anti-bacteria, and purify the air.

Aromatic deodorizing curtains: Add scented microcapsules into the curtain fabrics to emit a light scent for a certain period of time.

Some odors have certain health effects on the human body, such as refreshing or hypnotic, suppressing or promoting appetite, relieving headaches, clearing the mind and so on. The choice of scent varies from person to person, not too strong, but durable and washable. Deodorizing curtains are added to the curtain fabric with some antibacterial and adsorption function, such as bamboo charcoal, which can absorb and decompose odors to a certain extent.

Intelligent curtains: Intelligent curtains are curtains with China's certain development of self-improvement reaction, adjustment, control system function.

Such as according to the indoor environmental conditions automatically adjust the light intensity, air humidity, balance indoor temperature. Phase change microcapsule technology can absorb heat energy from sunlight during the day and release heat energy at night. By adding light storage materials to the curtain fabric, light energy is absorbed during the day and there is enough light at night when the lights are turned off to facilitate people's light activities at night. This automatically adjusts the light transmission according to the sunlight, which reduces the use of air conditioning in the summer, and should be environmentally friendly curtains in the winter with its special materials and guaranteed loss of indoor temperature.

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