Eight years in the making! What changes have been made to the new Tudor Ranger?

Eight years in the making! What changes have been made to the new Tudor Ranger?

With the conclusion of the official website's "Crossing Greenland" countdown, Imperial Tudor has announced the 2022 version of the Samurai watch, the Ranger Type (Ranger), also known as the "Ranger" cousin, originally produced in the 1960s. The Ranger Type (Ranger), also known as the "Ranger" cousin, was originally produced in the 1960s as an outdoor adventure watch. After half a century of development and change, the series has launched several models, the closest to reference 79910 is the product of 2014, this update is "eight years in the making". Today let's take a look at the new Samurai reference 79950 updated with details from the official website.

Seconds Comparison

When you see a new product for the first time, the most obvious change in perception is the second hand. In the previous generation, Ref. 79910, the bright red second hand impressed us as one of the most recognizable features of the 2014 Ranger. The new model does away with the red second hand scheme and returns to the original metallic color of the hands. However, the brand still retains some red color on the front of the second hand to avoid the feeling of cut-off between old and new product design elements. At the same time,TUDOR 1926 M91351-0002 the trapezoidal luminescent area of the seconds hand has been adjusted to be slightly closer to the center of the shaft.

Logo Comparison

The LOGO at 12 o'clock on the dial is changed from the previous generation of cultural retro traditional rose product logo design to a modern Chinese shield for modeling. In fact, Tudor's brand LOGO has changed many times over time, the original meaning of the word "TUDOR" refers to the Germanium dynasty through the 15th to 16th centuries in Britain, the dynasty developed two large parts of the family business, respectively, with red and white roses can be used as a coat of arms, they broke out between the countries of the history of the so-called "rose Revolutionary War" civil war broke out between their countries, so the image of the rose organization has been deeply tied to the Germanium dynasty (TUDOR). From the 1930s to the 1960s, TUDOR used a Rose logo, which was used on the first Ranger Ref. 7995, released in the 1960s.

History of the evolution of the TUDOR logo

In 1969, Emperor Tudor introduced a newly designed shield logo, symbolizing perseverance and reliability, which is the most classic Emperor Tudor logo in most people's mind. however, the introduction of the shield logo does not mean that the rose logo has completely disappeared. We can still see it in some vintage models or replicas, for example, the 2014 Knight-Ranger model pays homage to the historical product by retaining the Rose LOGO.

Another nod to the history of the product is the model number: the new model will be reference 79950,TUDOR Ranger M79950-0003 which differs from the original reference 7995 by only one number, with which the model can be more easily associated with the classic product.

Comparison of dial details

In addition to the difference in the logo, we can see that the words "rotor" and "self-winding" above the 6 o'clock time scale have been removed and replaced by the name of the collection "RANGER RANGER". Personally, I'm in favor of this adjustment. First of all, it highlights the series name and deepens fans' understanding of the Ranger genre. Also, as a modern mechanical watch from 2022, it's not necessary to over-emphasize the "self-winding" feature in the dial, so it's simpler to remove it.


After many years of the popularity of large diameters, we are now beginning to analyze the choice of diameters. Just as a labor force 2021 "explore one" will be reduced to the traditional classic 36 mm diameter, the new Ranger model also made some adjustments to the diameter of the TUDOR Ranger M79950-0002, the product from the previous generation of 41 mm slightly higher modified to 39 mm. For companies that don't have a time scale or an outer bezel, the 39mm diameter represents a more refined look and fits the working habits of most watch enthusiasts.

Comparison of lugs

The details of the case have also been optimized. The new Samurai Satin Brushed has a larger machined area and instead of straight lines, the lugs have a tangent line to fit the curve compared to its predecessor.

Steel Band Comparison

The 2022 Ranger has greatly enriched the materials and types of straps, upgrading the previous single leather strap to a leather-rubber composite for enhanced water resistance; the soft and lightweight textured strap is not only comfortable to wear, but also has an outstanding color effect. The steel bracelet also has obvious changes, with \"T-shaped\" safety clasps on the chain strap to improve the fineness and practicality.

Rudder MT5402 Autosport

As a sister brand of Rolex, historically, Rudder used to share some of the case parts with Rolex, except for the movement, which was outsourced. With the ETA movement out of supply, major manufacturers have sought to respond to the program. While Tudor has transferred some of its movements to the Sellita camp, it is also actively developing its own movements. The new Ranger model is equipped with the in-house caliber MT5402, which stands for "Manufacture TUDOR" in its abbreviated form, with a diameter of 26 mm, a variable inertia balance and a silicon hairspring, and a power reserve of up to 70 hours. It is worth noting that all TUDOR in-house movements are COSC-certified.

Prices of the various versions

The last one is the product market price that watch enthusiasts are concerned about. At present, the Ref. 79910 leather and rubber composite metal strap and fabric strap versions are generally priced at RMB 20,500, and the steel strap enhanced version is RMB 22,900; while the 2014 Ref. 79910 is priced at RMB 22,800 for the last time before it was discontinued. In front of the nearly identical selling price issue, the new Ranger upgraded the appearance, performance and outstanding MT5402 independent control movement more in line with the aesthetic of today's society, can be said to "increase the quantity but not increase the price", is an iterative and innovative work with its own sincerity.