After the home makeover, we'll show you how to properly clean your windows and the ground.

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Cleaning up after renovations is exactly what the name implies: there will be a lot of debris and dust inside, making it difficult to maintain excellent hygiene.

washing the windows.

A vacuum cleaner, spatula, glue remover, glass cleaner, squeegee, and other professional cleaning tools are necessary for the complex task of cleaning windows after renovations. The glass of the rubber seal, dust, cement, and other stains are particularly large,cordless vacuum cleaner supplier and the window frame must be cleaned out of cement slag.

Glass washing in the windows.

sanitize the window frame.

Before using a powerful vacuum to remove the dust, first use a spatula to remove the cement slag from the window frame. If required, use a brush to help.

2. Glass cleaning

A. It is a fairly laborious process to remove stains from glass; first, use hair set on the glass to play water and properly dilute the stain. Next, use a spatula to scrape off the stain that has adhered to the glass; pay attention to the strength; some glass is too delicate to allow for the use of a spatula; in this case, you can only use your fingernails slowly.

c. After removing the stain with a towel, spray the area with glue remover, dilute it, and gently wipe several more times until all of the glue has been gone.

c. Next, spray a thin layer of water on the glass and wipe it clean with a wiper. If you notice any stains that are still difficult to remove, continue the procedure as above, but be aware that the glass cannot yet see the stains.

d. After wiping the glass with a dry cloth, wipe it again to completely dry the glass above any water spots or other stains, etc.

g. Next, clean the window frame with a tide cloth.

cleaning the floor

General household floor cleaning is fairly easy, but for those who do not protect the decoration of the floor, dealing with the above-mentioned is everywhere dense paint, and paint, etc., is also very difficult. If the smooth tile floor is okay, with a new knife blade slowly eradicate, especially those anti-skid ground and wood flooring, handling up quite a problem, only with diluent slowly wipe, with the purpose of not harming the ground. Not harming the earth is the goal.

The following measures must be followed when using a professional ground cleaning equipment for those vast ground cleaning areas:

To prevent missing, begin the process by pouring the diluted cleaning solution into the bucket from back to front while walking in a straight line.

2, using a floor scraper to push water, removing sewage, and lastly wringing out and washing a mop that has been soaked in detergent.

3、Repeat the washing process with detergent to fully absorb the moisture after absorbing the ground sewage with water.

5.Standard: free of stains and markings, clean and bright.

4. When cleaning the ground, avoid abrading it with abrasive instruments to prevent leaving lingering scratches on the stone surface. Acidic cleaners and powdered cleansers should not be used since they will harm and cause corrosion of the stone surface.

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