KMB Shen Yuen Long District Bus Terminal installed toll dispensers District Councillor: Water should be free for citizens to dri

KMB plans to install additional automatic water dispensers at 10 bus terminals in Yuen Long District to allow the public to replenish water. However, some citizens questioned why drinking fountains need to pay. Yuen Long Ping Shannan District Councillor Leung Tak Ming was concerned about the incident, saying that water should have made the public drink free, but KMB planned to set up a paid water pump provided by Coke Company, questioning why the government approved the relevant land and ultimately let private companies cooperate to make money. I think the details are unknown.

In the morning, the reporter visited one of the KMB's applications for the installation of a paid automatic water dispenser-the flood terminal (Hongfu Village) bus terminal. The mother-in-law of the neighborhood pointed out that she used to take water out of the house on weekdays, thinking that the water dispenser design is similar to the park water dispenser. , But she thinks, "(If) it's free, it's good," she doesn't worry much about hygiene.

KMB Shen Yuen Long District Bus Terminal installed toll dispensers District Councillor: Water should be free for citizens to dri

KMB's 10 Yuen Long District Bus Terminals applying for the installation of automatic water dispensers:

Yuen Long (West) Jalan Road Bus Terminal, Tai Lam Interchange Station, Hongshuiqiao (Hongfu Village) Bus Terminal, Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Public Transport Interchange, Baxiang Road Bus Terminal, Long Ping Station Public Transport Interchange, Kam Sheung Road Station Public Transport Interchange, Yuen Long Park Bus Terminal, Yuen Long Fengxiang Road Public Transport Interchange and Tin Shui Wai Station Public Transport Interchange.

Mr. Chen believes that selling water is a free market behavior, "No one is forcing you to buy"; another woman who refuses to disclose her surname, said, "(receiving money) is not a so-called", if the price is HK$5 500ml It's reasonable. However, she thinks it would be better if KMB could offer a fare reduction scheme, such as taking the same Octopus and drinking water for free.

Yuen Long District Council Member Leung Tak Ming pointed out that water should be free for the public to drink. At present, the government has installed drinking fountains in major recreational venues, parks and community halls, and MTR has also trial installed free drinking water in some MTR stations. machine. He questioned that if the government is the owner of the venue (such as the bus terminal and transfer station) that approved the KMB company, it should give priority to assist in connecting the water pipes and installing free non-jet water dispensers. If there is no water pipe connection, it is considered to install such a sales-type automatic water pump.

He also pointed out that the paid water machine provided by cola (bonaqua), although it can reduce the use of plastic bottle water, but questioned why the government granted land for public projects to KMB management, and ultimately let private companies cooperate to make money. He questioned whether KMB would have a rebate mechanism with Coke, and whether the agreement between the government and KMB allowed relevant cooperation models to exist? The public is unable to know the details of the negotiations.


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Another citizen left a message worrying about the sanitary problems of free drinking fountains. Liang Deming pointed out that many citizens are worried that someone directly touches the outlet of the drinking fountain, but he pointed out that many LCSD venues also have non-jet drinking fountains to facilitate the public to drink water. Add water to the bottle while reducing it to avoid direct contact with the water outlet. He believes that if you are worried about hygiene, just like the government's water dispenser practice, a cleaner will fill out the cleaning time so that the public can assess the risk.


Tuen Mun Park suspects aunt selling water from $20 per bottle

In response to the enquiry, KMB said that in response to the government’s environmental protection message, instead of purchasing bottled water to reduce plastics, KMB was pleased to understand that Coca-Cola intends to set up "water stations" at different locations. For the scope of bus stops managed by KMB, KMB applied to the Transport Department for the provision of additional "watering stations" providing hot and cold water at about 200 suitable bus terminals, public transport interchanges and bus interchanges in all districts of Hong Kong. The citizens bring their own water bottles. If the government provides safe and reliable drinking water to the public, KMB welcomes it.

The Transport Department replied that it had earlier received an application from KMB to install drinking water vending machines (in order to bring their own utensils) provided and managed by a distilled water supplier at multiple bus terminals and bus interchanges (including Yuen Long District) Sheng Zai), and is consulting the relevant government departments on the additional arrangements. As for the installation of drinking fountains in the relevant bus terminus and bus interchanges that must be connected to the water supply system, it is necessary to take into account factors such as geographical constraints, sanitation and water quality management. The Transport Department has no plans to install such drinking fountains.