Singapore's Japanese movie filming Dr Morita


Now I'd like to talk about what is necessary for further development of the local film industry.As I mentioned earlier, this country is rich in cultural diversity.That is, this country has many attractive materials.Moreover, Singapore is advanced in the area of IT.According to the World Economic Forum, Singapore is #1 in the network maintenance index, as well as Finland.Japan is ranked 10th. One can easily produce his/her own work and present it for free, for example on YouTube.Next I want to raise 3 issues for the further developmen.

Firstly, there are ratings and guidelines for age restriction, which are common up until 18 years old, comparing to other countries.What surprised me the most is the R21 rating.Films designated as R21 cannot be seen by anyone under 21 years old.But in this country, when boys become 18, they need to go for national service and are trained to kill.Once designated as R21, DVDs cannot be sold and the film cannot be screenedat the cinema complex of the HDB district, only in the central business district.I would like you to read this guideline which is written by bureaucratic thinking on the basis of social order and morality.I respect their efforts to establish a stable society.But this regulation is so abstract. In other words, the definition is not clear.It would be better to have some flexibility, because Singaporeans have enough capability for judging.

Secondly, since the local films have grown so far,and they have received a number of prizes in the short time,I think that it is a good time to reconsider.I think it is time for the local filmsto be appreciated by Singaporeans.I often ask my local friends,"Why don't you watch local films?"They respond saying, "the admission fee is very expensive!""It costs around $10" (about USD7* January '19)."If the whole family goes, it will amount to a huge sum of money.""It is more cost-effective to watch Hollywood films,which are entertaining and easier to understand."Mini theaters showing experimental films and independent films are not popular in this country.The film industry in Japan is not so good, either.Yet, there are still plenty of mini theaters with number of audience."The projector" is the only mini theater in Singapore, and they show various interesting films, so please try to visit!

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