Best Practices for FPC Flexible Board Functional Testing with Pinhead 1309

test FPC flexible boards

How to use test probes to test FPC flexible boards, specifically referring to functional testing.

First of all, when it comes to the FPC's flexible board, it is a circuit board made of flexible material,probe test system and it has a wide range of applications in electronic products.

Then we do function test FPC soft board, first of all, to understand its characteristics.

Flexible board has a number of bare metal wires arranged into groups linking the two ends of the joints, most of the joints are made of copper foil gold-plated process for linking the motherboard to form a conduction.

And we are in the function test program, it is necessary to test the electrical performance of the FPC.

Electrical performance test mainly includes FPC flexible board insulation and connectivity,RF probes connectivity can be measured by the optical board tester.

But because the copper foil is a very thin layer of metal, its adhesion relative to other functional test objects to be much smaller, here copper foil adhesion refers to the adhesion of printed wires and pads on the substrate, adhesion is small, printed wires and pads are easy to peel off from the substrate. Circuit board factory to check the adhesion of copper foil available tape, transparent tape on the wire to be tested, remove air bubbles, and then with the printed circuit board was 90 ° direction of the rapid force pull off the tape, if the wire is intact, that the printed circuit board of copper foil adhesion qualified.

So what test probe should we use to detect the joints of FPC flexible board.

Because the thickness of the copper foil of the FPC is very small, it is easy to be improperly selected test probes Zhanhua or scratch off, we can use the adaptability of the elasticity and the appropriate stroke, and ultimately need to choose the matching probe head type.

Our 1309 (25 teeth plum type) head type, it can effectively detect the copper foil test point of the FPC flexible board.

1. Needle 1309 this type of model with 25 teeth plum type design, can effectively increase the single tooth, 4 teeth and 9 teeth of the contact area, relative to the flat head also increase the probe contact,probe card can be a perfect balance between the differences between the puncture and contact.

2. Needle 1309 size using 0.9mm design of the mainstream FPC copper foil size with coverage, contact conductor rate can be increased by 60% compared to ordinary needles.

3. At the same time choose the light elastic design, 100g = 1N, can effectively reduce the risk of scraping on the copper foil, to ensure product stability.

4. Adopting reasonable test stroke, not pursuing the stroke of full load use, to effectively ensure that the copper foil does not leave an imprint.