What are the advantages of a top-loading two-in-one washer-dryer and is it worth buying?

What are the advantages of a top-loading two-in-one washer-dryer and is it worth buying?

Hong Kong's living environment is generally compact, so many families consider multi-functional products when purchasing appliances, for example, two-in-one washer-dryers are very popular with the public, and one device can solve two major life problems: laundry and drying. Especially in Hong Kong's humid climate and high relative humidity, it is often difficult to dry clothes at home. However, there are different types of two-in-one washer-dryers available on the market, with the top-loading washer-dryer receiving more attention.

Features of top-loading washer-dryer

In fact, the so-called top-loading washer-dryer is similar to the traditional washing machine, the door of the washing machine is designed in the top position of the machine, so you need to reserve this part of the installation. The top-loading washer-dryer is relatively compact and suitable for families with little kitchen space. However, this type of washer-dryer also has a feature that there must be enough clothes to take advantage of the winding and get a cleaner wash.

Which is better: front-loading or top-loading washer-dryer

There is no standard answer to the question of which is better, front-loading or top-loading washer-dryer. The front-loading washer-dryer is characterized by the design of the door bin on the front of the machine, so the top position can be used to place miscellaneous items, but this design will cause a large volume, more suitable for large households to buy. In addition, the front-loading washer-dryer does not have a requirement for the amount of laundry, so a small amount can still be cleaned and dried in an efficient manner.

Consider capacity when buying a top-loading washer-dryer

If you plan to buy a top-loading washer-dryer, although the size is relatively small and will not take up too much space, but still need to take into account the capacity, the number of people at home is recommended to choose more than 8KG products, the number of people can choose 4 to 5KG capacity of the washer-dryer. In addition, the top of the washer-dryer will be marked with different energy consumption ratios, as a reference to energy consumption, if you often use the washer-dryer, want to save more electricity, you can choose a low energy consumption ratio products.