The beautiful professor Zoom live teaching behind her daughter burst into‘indecent words’ laughed at the students

Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic, many schools around the world have switched to online teaching. However, this new teaching model often encounters many unexpected situations. A professor in Kentucky in the middle east of the United States was suddenly interrupted by the "indecent words" exploded by her daughter while using Zoom for distance teaching, which made her laugh out loud.

indecent words

The professor was named Brittany Worthen. On the way to video teaching, her three-year-old daughter Willow suddenly shouted, "I dug a booger!" "

Click the picture to see the cute reaction of the serious professor:

Brittany laughed and asked the students: "Have you heard what she said? She said she dug a booger!" Then she looked back, "Wow, Willow, are you really? Dig! "

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"I originally thought she was watching a Disney movie, but she suddenly jumped out and yelled," she said in an interview. "I was really in front of the whole class. The class is full of girls, and they all like Wei Liu very much. This matter is not so serious, it's just funny. "

At the height of the epidemic, the trend of working from home has gradually changed the relationship between parents and children, and has become a unique parenting experience for Brittany. Brittany's classrooms are all students who take education as their future ambition, and this matter has also become the subject of her opportunistic education, teaching students how to adapt in class.


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