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Burning fat is difficult, exercise and diet should be the right choice!

Burning fat is difficult, exercise and diet should be the right choice!

Many people around the world face various health problems because of obesity, and they also lose confidence because of obesity. Many people do not know how to lose weight even if they know they are fat. In the era of the proliferation of diet pills, want to lose weight in a healthy way, want to be safe should start from burning fat, so that losing weight can get twice the result with half the effort.

Burning fat is not easy to do

Many people insist on running, insist on swimming, but not much slimming effect, in a short period of time after insisting on the realization that can not continue, and then will give up. In fact, this is not the so-called burning fat suitable choice, because burning fat must be burned liver sugar, which is the correct order of burning fat, only when the maximum oxygen intake of sports intensity 85 ~ 90, only to have the effect of burning liver sugar, so the training time is not the correct approach to lengthen, choose the right sports to have the effect. hiit is a high-intensity indirect training method is also recognized by the world's high energy consumption! Exercise, in just 30 minutes can get the effect of burning fat, can quickly burn calories.

Burning fat to eat correctly

Burning fat is not to eat or drink can do, or to supplement the body's nutritional needs, so that can help burn our ambition, this time in the diet should pay attention to the choice of food, it is recommended that the combination of calories, protein, abdominal satiety of the three aspects of the arrangement, so that there is no need to worry about the body has too much fat. Acidic fruits are worth choosing, such as bananas, apples, oranges are good choices, but do not overdo it. If you want to get high protein, you can eat some chicken breast; if you want to maintain intestinal health should pay attention to timely intake of corn, broccoli and other vegetarian dishes are worth choosing, in daily life to supplement minerals and vitamins, not afraid of losing weight effect is poor.

Burning fat is the need to stick to the end of things, in the direction of choosing the right, and then stick to it can feel the benefits of weight loss, want to lose weight quickly and successfully, or want to localized weight loss also need to plan, such as the legs more obese people can develop a leg training program three times a week, each time to 960 ~ 1200 words of the single-legged leg push exercise, the effect will soon be seen, adhere to a certain period of time can be! Harvest a new self.