Misconceptions and treatments of reduced sexual performance, one should not blindly conclude how sexual performance is like

Misconceptions and treatments of reduced sexual performance, one should not blindly conclude how sexual performance is like

Many users are very concerned about their sexuality, but they should not blindly jump to conclusions just because of one or two times of sexual disharmony. Whether or not there is a decline in sexual ability symptoms, we need to use scientific methods to verify and determine, then we will talk about the common cognitive misunderstanding and how to deal with it.

Periodic observation and comparison to draw conclusions

A common misconception about the decline in sexual performance is that one or two occasions of sexual disharmony will lead to the conclusion that sexual performance has declined. In reality, there are many factors that affect sexual performance, and it is necessary to make periodic comparisons before making a judgment. If the length of each time as a standard of measurement, should take into account the recent physical tiredness and the existence of psychological pressure, and then in a longer period of time to compare the length of time, so as to be more scientific conclusion, rather than blindly make definitions and cause unnecessary psychological burden.

Judging from morning erection and erection hardness, etc.

There are professional ways to determine whether sexual performance is declining or not, among which morning erection and erection hardness are very important reference indicators. Because men in deep sleep the body will produce a lot of testosterone, so the middle of the night or the morning will appear morning erection, as long as there is no abnormality in the morning erection every day, the representative of the ability to do not decline, and the hardness of the erection how to also be the basis for judgment, if the erection is still appearing after the situation of weakness, then the phenomenon of incomplete erection is recommended to consult a doctor for treatment.

Pay attention to psychological changes and the duration of erection

In fact, when it comes to the decline of sexual ability, we can also look at the desire and the duration of erection. If there is an obvious decrease in desire and it takes a while for an erection to occur, or even if there is an occasional inability to have an erection, then it is possible to determine a decrease in sexual ability, and it is necessary to go to a professional hospital for examination and treatment at that time.

Finding treatment and adjustment methods for the causes of sexual decline

The reason why it is necessary to understand how to determine the decline in sexual performance is to better understand their own physical condition and avoid blind treatment, if you find that sexual performance has declined or related problems, it is more important to consult a doctor in time and follow his instructions.