Vibrator or jumper? Choosing the best sex toy for you

Vibrator or jumper? Choosing the best sex toy for you

Nowadays, there are a lot of erotic appliances on the Chinese market economy, such as vibrators and jumping eggs, etc.,wireless vibrating egg although most of us these life erotic appliances use almost the same function, so it makes people in the choice of the time is very confused. So, in the end, is the vibrator good or jumping egg good? If the enterprise wants to understand the analysis of these social issues then a simple understanding of it!

Vibrator, vibrator imitation propulsive action, the rod can be in the 1-3cm range of expansion and contraction,wireless vibrating egg and combined with different styles of vulvar stimulation of jumping eggs, rotating beads, analog modeling, rod twisting and other functions, is a cost-effective high-tech sex toys. This sex toy definitely turns women on to the max.

By controlling the amplitude of vibration, the new tingling sensation makes you feel free and happy, massaging the sensitive parts of the user,wireless vibrating egg stimulating local nerves, promoting blood circulation, regulating the endocrine system, keeping the vagina "accommodating", avoiding useless vaginal atrophy, so as to achieve the purpose of physical therapy, masturbation and raising interest, and can also be used for couples flirting to improve the quality of sex life effectively. Sexual life quality.

The jumping egg, also known as vibrating egg, is a sex toy, used to put into the vagina for masturbation, due to the small size, can be put into the vagina,wireless vibrating egg can also be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipples. The vibrator has an egg-shaped part, some are wired and some are wireless. The wireless vibrator usually has a thin rope, which can be pulled to take the vibrator out of the vagina or anus after use, otherwise it may get stuck inside. Care should be taken to prevent secretions from escaping.

Firstly, it should be noted that vibrators are not lubricated, so please use them with lubricants and condoms; do not use devices made of silicone with silicone lubricants, as silicone lubricants can damage the velvety smooth surface.

Secondly,wireless vibrating egg in the case of inflammation of body tissues and organs or body epidermal damage, it is recommended that we do not carry out the use of life erotic toys.

Finally, the vibrator is a direct contact with the genitals of the tool, it is best to personal use, so as not to indirectly infect; at the same time, private use of the vibrator can not be involved in anal stimulation, so as not to spread bacteria.

Which is better, a vibrator or a jumping egg? Through the above analysis, we can know that both are erotic products, each with its own characteristics.wireless vibrating egg There is no question of who is better. Everyone's needs and preferences are different, so the choice of these two erotic products is also different. People choose to buy according to their own needs. Because only what really suits you is the best!

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