Credit card spending, pay attention to these 3 fees, are you clear

Credit card spending, pay attention to these 3 fees, are you clear

1. Annual fee

At first, almost all credit cards have annual fees and global payments card processing fees they are charged directly from the bill.

For higher amounts or more benefits such as platinum cards and diamond cards, many banks have annual fees or real money. There are also points available to offset the annual fee, but it costs a lot of points.

2、Cash withdrawal fee

Almost all credit cards can be directly on the ATM cash. The general cash withdrawal amount is 50% of the credit card limit. It should be reminded that there is a handling fee for cash withdrawals, which is mostly 1% of the amount withdrawn.

At the same time, credit card cash is different from normal credit card spending, there is no interest-free period. From the date of withdrawal, interest will be calculated at five ten thousandths of a cent per day.

3、Credit Card Handling Fee

Credit card commissions are charged by merchants and are not borne by consumers. However, many cardholders themselves are now playing the role of "merchants", which is what we call cash outflow.

There are two types of credit card fees, one is the QR code model and the other is the manual model. The usual processing fee for QR code purchases is about 0.38%, but the spending limit is limited to more than a couple of thousand dollars.

The processing fee for manual swipe is between 0.55% and 0.75%, which is different from the card reader. It is important to note that card machines with low processing fees generally have certain transaction risks, more frequent swipes and reduced card closures, which are not uncommon.

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