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How to treat amino acid metabolic diseases, 3 methods patients can try, quickly collect

How to treat amino acid metabolic diseases, 3 methods patients can try, quickly collect


Patients with amino acid metabolic diseases have a series of clinical manifestations caused by genetic defects, amino acid disorder the defective genes are different, the symptoms are also different.

For patients with maple diabetes, high doses of vitamin B1 can be used to alleviate the condition, and for patients with phenylketonuria, levodopa and 5-hydroxytryptamine can be used for corresponding treatment.

For patients with tyrosinemia, tetrahydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase inhibitors may be used for treatment.

During the course of drug treatment, patients need to actively cooperate with the doctor. After taking the medication for a period of time, patients need to undergo corresponding physical examination to understand their own condition, so as to increase or decrease the dosage of the medication. In order to achieve efficient treatment effect.

2、Diet therapy

Diet can effectively control amino acid metabolic diseases. Patients can be allowed to eat more vegetables, fruits and starchy foods, which are low in protein and can effectively alleviate the disease.

You can also let the patient eat more foods with high amino acid content, such as meat, eggs and beans. If the baby is sick, you can let the baby eat low-phenylalanine or low-tyrosine formula, as well as vegetables and fruits.

3. Symptomatic treatment

Patients with amino acid metabolic disorders have a variety of clinical manifestations that can be effectively alleviated with symptomatic treatment.

Allopathic treatment can only alleviate the temporary condition, but not improve the performance of abnormal amino acid metabolism.

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