Electronic thermometer and mercury thermometer which is more accurate?

Electronic thermometer and mercury thermometer which is more accurate?

Electronic thermometer is an electronic display, is dependent on electronic components to temperature, namely temperature sensors, liquid crystal displays, button batteries, dedicated integrated circuits and other electronic components.

Compared with the traditional mercury glass thermometer, braun forehead thermometer reading more convenient, safe with non-toxic, short measurement working time, memory capacity and buzzer prompt, electronic thermometer does not contain mercury;

Mercury thermometer uses a glass casing, once the glass is broken, the spilled mercury will be harmful to human health. Mercury thermometers in modern consumer homes are slowly being replaced by electronic thermometers.

Mercury thermometer compared with electronic thermometer, its accuracy and stability is higher.

Mercury thermometers work on the principle that the thermal expansion of mercury is proportional to the temperature. And mercury is very stable, so the stability of mercury thermometer is relatively high, mercury thermometer test results, usually more accurate.

For patients with serious emergencies, the elderly, infants, etc., the use of inconvenience, reading trouble, will affect their experience. In hospitals and other professional fields, doctors tend to use mercury thermometers to measure body temperature.

Electronic thermometers are slightly less stable. When using an electronic thermometer to measure body temperature, differences in measurement time, outside air and measurement location can affect the results.

Most electronic thermometers are accurate between 37-39, but the accuracy of the high and low thermometer is not so high. In addition, this product has a problem, the need for continuous calibration.

Electronic thermometer is more convenient for parents to take the baby's temperature. For the baby, the use of electronic thermometer will be safer, suitable for children who love to move. If you have children at home, it is recommended to use electronic thermometer.

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