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How do you put up roll-up curtains? How do you clean and care for roller blinds?

How do you put up roll-up curtains? How do you clean and care for roller blinds?

What exactly are roll-up curtains?

Roll-up curtains, as opposed to curtains that open and close to the left and right, are also known as roll-up curtains. The roll-up tube drives the entire curtain up and down, which is a type of curtain commonly used in modern times,Roller Shade mostly seen in offices, banks, schools, and other places.

How to Install Rolling Curtains

1 Roller blinds accessories installation:

To install the head, determine the direction of the left and right of the head, as well as the vertical direction of the pull bead. The head can be interchangeable, depending on the owner's preference or home placement convenience. After installing the pull up use, the bead system head can be rotated to correspond to the side and top.

2Complete head installation:

There are two methods for installing the system head, which correspond to two installation programs.

(1) External installation: align the roller blinds with the windows, determine the proper position, mark the location of the head screws on the window frame or wall, screw the left and right heads on the window frame or wall, and lift the rotatable module on the head without pulling beads.

(2) Internal installation: Position the roller blinds inside the window frame, mark the location of the head screws on the top of the window frame, tighten the left and right heads with screws on the top of the window frame, and lift the rotatable module on the head without pulling beads.

3Setup the track

(1) Insert the right end of the upper track with the pull bead first, followed by the left end of the upper track without the pull bead.

(2)After fastening the rotatable module that will be lifted and ensuring that the shutter will not fall or move easily, the installation is complete.

(3) Pull down the beaded curtain on the front side to raise the curtain automatically.

(4)Pull the beaded curtain on the back side downward to control the roll-up curtain's descent.

To store, first turn the roll-up curtain vertically, then pull up; if you want to stop halfway or finally, pull the rope to the right 45 degrees, and the entire curtain will automatically fasten.

How to Care for and Clean Roller Blinds and Curtains

1. For the appearance of difficult-to-wipe dirt,curtain styles use detergent directly on the curtain to clean, and dust words with a suction layer or wipe gently with a rag. The next step is to ensure that the pull rail is clean and free of debris, as this will affect the smoothness of the pulling.

2. For regular cloth curtain cleaning, some can be thrown directly into the washing machine. This is not the case with roller blind cleaning because these are specially customized finished curtains that are difficult to disassemble at will. So, without disassembly, we are frequently only able to clean the surface dust, then open the fabric, use neutral detergent to clean through the sponge, brush it once with a soft brush, rinse it with clean water, and finally dry it.

3. If it is necessary to disassemble ordinary beaded roller blinds, it is best to have the curtains removed by a professional first; the specific practice is, first the roller blinds into the spindle, and then the upper beam on the left side of the disassembly of the small opening, disassemble the upper and lower beams of the curtains, spread them flat on the ground, plus the water containing detergent soaked on for a few minutes, and then gently scrubbed with a brush, Remember not to fold them after you've cleaned them. 4.

Because the springs and motor parts are easily damaged, it is best to have them cleaned by a professional.

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