Precautions for infant milk powder

Precautions for infant milk powder


From the moment of birth until about six months of age, we only know one kind of food – milk. Throughout the ages, mothers have been known to be the best source of nourishment as they are able to produce breast milk.

There are some women who have a problem lactating or perhaps have other reasons for not being able to provide breast milk to their children.

There are those who are working and the time they dedicate to their jobs prevent them from breast-feeding. As a result, most mothers would have to resort to giving infant milk formula to their children.

This has been a common practice throughout the globe. Most women have been able to depend on the milk formulas developed by various companies. There are some names which has been around for many generations while there are also some which have only been recently developed and introduced.

There are varieties to infant milk formula. Most of them are made using cow’s milk as its base. There are also some which use soy as its base. The difference of the base ingredients is meant for the digestive capacity of the infants.

There are some infants who are blessed to have no problems ingesting dairy products. However, there are also some infants who tend to become allergic to milk and anything which is dairy. They may also have a weaker and more delicate constitution which prevents them from properly digesting milk proteins.

Doctors would be able to advice parents on what kind of infant milk formula would best fit their child. If a child shows signs or symptoms of lactose intolerance such as vomiting, diarrhea and colic, among other things, pediatricians would most likely conclude that the child needs soy based formulas. And for those who do not have a problem withdigestion, the choice of formula would be easier to fathom.