What to do when your clothes stink and moldy? Use these drying methods

What to do when your clothes stink and moldy? Use these drying methods

The return to the south of the day is more familiar to people living in the south, to this time of the year, the clothes can not dry, the ground is always wet, let a person distressed. As many people in Hong Kong put their clothes inside the house to dry, if the weather is humid, the clothes will be very difficult to dry, and will start to moldy and smelly, which can easily cause various respiratory diseases, so people are annoyed, what are the methods of drying clothes that you can try?

Use of detergent can help to realize the drying method

Drying method is not just to dry the clothes drying dry drying drying so simple, in the return to the south day, the clothes are not dry for a long time easy to mold, when you want to effectively antibacterial antifungal, it is recommended to use some natural detergent in the cleaning of the clothes before you can put into the weak acidic white vinegar, which can reduce allergic reactions, which can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, can reduce the various kinds of unpleasant odors.

Washing on high temperature is a universal method of drying clothes to remove bacteria.

Regular cleaning, although the clothing can be cleaned of dirt and dust, but there is no way to thoroughly clean the mold, it is recommended that the use of 60 ℃ hot water when cleaning clothing bedding, in the wash after the immediate use of appropriate drying methods, can ensure that the clothes dry thoroughly, but also reduce the problem of moldy clothes.

Borrowing a gas dryer to realize the drying method

Not every family has a balcony, and not everyone hangs their clothes in the bathroom. Inappropriate drying methods can lead to all kinds of dust and mold on the clothes, which will also deteriorate the quality of the clothes. If in the rainy weather, back to the south of the weather, the choice of gas dryer is not the same, it can produce 80 ℃ temperature to quickly dry clothes. It can eliminate the bacteria on the clothes, which is an efficient way to dry clothes.

Back to the south of the day clothes are prone to odor and mold, this is something that many people know, in the past, many people will not care or choose to dryer dry even if, now you can combine the above three drying methods to dry clothes, so that the clothes can penetrate the fragrance, drying the clothes a lot faster, will not affect the daily needs of the dress.