Want to play with laser engraving?

Want to play with laser engraving? Laser Woodpecker Engraver Pro

Laser Engraver Pro, a personal, home-use, portable, easy to use, clunky engraver. Just the kind Lindbergh can handle!

Put on your goggles, start the app, import your photo, enter your target length, enter your security code, preview, and start engraving!

Wood, paper, plastic, leather, these research materials for carving up a relatively smooth, out of the relative development of the effect is also very satisfactory. What about metal? Uh, no. Glass? Neither can, indeed there are some things, due to different power problems, can not be carved.

Power 500MW, what concept, for laserpecker pro 2, power 500MW is relatively low, this device can only bully some small role, melting point of slightly higher materials, will not be able to realize. Not to mention cuts.

LaserPecker's laser engraving machine is more interested in engraving, but do not know how to do it, look at the video of those DIY gods, are converted to optical drives, industrial-grade 40w high power, so the emergence of such a product can be said to be a good way to get started, but it is also a detour.

A good product with attention to detail. When I used laserpecker laser engraver, it was worth sharing the details. Laser Woodpecker, the app is one of the best I've seen for phones and products.

The bluetooth connection is almost instantaneous, images can be edited as soon as they are imported, and the person can leave at any time after the engraving job is passed over.

Disconnect in the middle, don't worry, reconnect when you come back to check the status of learning task management. Worried about being touched? No, it will automatically stop the research work if there is a shock. Just use the app to continue your education and start a task request afterwards.

All this makes me feel like a shopkeeper. I just need to figure out how to spread my ideas in such a small space. Carving accuracy, 0.15 mm on site, every time it carves some detail I think it will paste, lol, but often there is flip time, you see, it's too hard. So I need to know that there are two parameters to control the power, one is the engraving power and one is the engraving depth, depth can be understood as speed, speed, the laserpecker 1 pro stays longer and the marks are deeper. Back and forth, on how to set these two parameters, I went through a not so short process.

When I first started engraving with little effect, I would set both parameters to 100%. At that time, the work, that guy, was very clear, it just had a particularly strong smell of smoke, and the edges would have burn marks, which was unattractive and unhealthy. So I started lowering it little by little. 95%, 90%, 85%, well, 90% works best, enough clarity, less burn marks around the edges, much shorter time.

Speaking of time, and drawing on that, the maximum size I usually carve is 100mm x 100mm for this pattern, and the time is about 5 hours, the length depends mostly on the depth of the carving, and how much of the black area is in your pattern. So most of the time I usually go for a cup of tea and wait for it to finish.

The point of crafting, I think, is to make your own work and realize it the way you want to. For me, who is not so good at drawing, PS is what I am better at, and I can just use it. a few days before TestV's 5th anniversary, I thought about the whole interesting gift, and the feature of its app where photos can be turned into black-and-white pixelated paintings reminded me of the fact that I can take a photo of my colleague's head and carve it on a wooden board! However, there are so many things to consider when making a portrait sculpture. As expected, it's not easy to do it by hand, from the first step to the last. I thought I could be a throwaway! The finished product is amazing and stunning, and it feels great to design and make it single-handedly!