How does Google's SEO optimization process work?

How does Google's SEO optimization process work?

About the Google SEO optimization process, in fact, first of all, we need to have a basic understanding of the situation of the whole website, including the performance value of the website, response style, whether the structure is clear, the number of years of functional variable names, the number of indexed pages, the originality of the website content and so on. Then, according to the customer's budget, determine the strength of Google optimization, to promote the number of keywords, according to the site's weight in the budget range to do a good job of google SEO terms, the development of a relatively reasonable KPI.

Google SEO optimization how to do a good website analysis

If you want to do a good job of Google SEO optimization, first of all, we must conduct a professional analysis of the site, specifically you can use the google search console tool to check the display of keywords about the traffic and the number of clicks, followed by the site index page, error page, the site's external links and mobile devices applicable status and so on. The status of the site requires attention to different aspects such as crawl path, access speed, original content, etc. The final Google optimization project will be determined through the inspection report. It is important to remind you that optimization is not a one-step process, but a continuous accumulation.

Selecting keywords is the key to Google SEO optimization

Keyword selection is one of the most important aspects of Google SEO optimization. The final keywords can be determined based on the existing products of the website, and the extensions of the keywords can be obtained with the help of Google Adwords recommendations. In addition, Google SEO optimization, not the more keywords the better, the number depends on whether the site page is sufficient, and whether there is a corresponding page.

Google SEO optimization for good website optimization

In addition to keywords, Google SEO optimization also requires good website optimization, which is a project that can be carried out simultaneously with keyword optimization. In the process of website optimization, many customers tend to ignore the role of external links, in fact, external links are called bridges, the more it means to build a diversified pipeline, but do not do external links linked to pornography, gambling and other spam sites. When the external link is indexed by google SEO, it is like successfully opening a road, which helps to improve the keywords and ranking of the website.