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In what ways is machine vision inspection important in the automotive industry?

In what ways is machine vision inspection important in the automotive industry?

Why does the automotive manufacturing industry need machine vision inspection? Next, let's look at.

From the perspective of productivity, the entire assembly line of an automobile from manufacturing to assembly needs to be highly concentrated and full of repetitive work. However, due to the fatigue of laborers working long hours, the quality, efficiency and accuracy of manual vision is relatively low. Machine vision can greatly improve productivity and automation.

From the point of view of cost control, vision inspection systems a qualified operator needs to invest a lot of human and material resources. But this is not enough, and it takes a lot of time to reach the level of operators in practice. As long as the pre-machine inspection is properly designed, commissioned and operated, with simple operation and flexible settings, it can be used continuously for a long time, while guaranteeing the quality of products and production results.

In some with special industrial development environment, artificial vision may cause serious threat to the personal safety problems of the operation and management personnel, while the machine vision inspection method can be adapted to a variety of harsh environments such as vibration, humidity, dust and so on by adapting.

Nowadays, the automotive industry's production cycle is getting faster and faster with the availability of raw materials and components, which has also contributed to the development of machine vision inspection. Machine vision uses cameras and software algorithms to process and interpret images. Many refer to machine vision as the "eyes" of an automated system. It usually consists of three parts: a camera, hardware and software to analyze and interpret the images, automotive consulting servicesand a system to send commands to an automation system.

In the manufacture of automotive parts and power batteries for new energy vehicles, machine vision inspection can be used to measure the length, width, height, diameter and other dimensions of the parts, and can also be used to detect surface defects of the parts, such as scratches, cracks, defects, etc. It can also measure the length of the power batteries. It can also measure the length, height, width and other dimensions of power batteries and detect defects such as burrs, damaged leaks, pole piece folding, foreign objects in edge seals, protrusions, pinholes, dents, scratches, dust and surface wrinkles.