Become a cool woman who doesn't flirt with anyone. 7 tips you can do from today

Become a cool woman who doesn't flirt with anyone. 7 tips you can do from today

Didn't you just ask someone's complexion?

Are you just asking about the complexion of your surroundings, both privately and at work, and flirting with the people around you without realizing it? Even if you are not aware of it, you may be doing it naturally.

We will give you tips on how to live straight while unraveling why you are flirting around. Why don't you aim to be a dignified and cool woman who lives obediently to yourself without flirting with the people around you at any time?

Why do you flirt?

I'm not confident in myself

It is a pattern in which you are not confident in yourself and ask the other person's complexion or match the other person's opinion. Not only tailoring to the other party, but also trying to raise one's reputation by selling a flirtation to the other party, trying to get a good impression, passing through the place .... It is an action that comes from lack of self-confidence.

I'm afraid to be hated

It is natural for human psychology to be afraid of being hated by someone. However, because I have a strong desire not to be disliked by someone, it is a pattern that only tells the other person that he / she feels better as a means of protecting himself / herself.

Think about profits and losses

When building a human relationship, you may be flirting with the other person because of the negative and negative feelings that "if the human relationship with this person goes well, it will be beneficial to you." Have you changed your attitude or remarks depending on the position and position of the other party?

Strong desire for control

People who have a strong desire for control and want to control the other person and do what they want tend to flirt with their surroundings. It's hard to notice by myself, but when you say something because you think it's for the other person, do you hide the feeling that it's natural to receive gratitude from the other person?

One of them is the act of flirting with the other person, and instead of flirting and "making the other person feel good", the desire for control to control the other person as he or she wants is hidden.

I want to be considered a great person

There is a possibility that people around you will flirt with you because you want them to think that you are a great person or to give them special attention. Especially in the workplace, you may be forced to compete with something such as sales results. Success at work is directly linked to your own value, so it seems that you often flirt with your boss or seniors.

I'm afraid to be alone

Everyone wants to avoid being alone. In some cases, people talk to the people around them and flirt with them because they are afraid of what to do if they are isolated from their surroundings. Even if you disagree with your own opinion or your true intentions, are you cheating to flirt with the other person and talk with them with an appropriate smile to get through the place?

Live straight without flirting * 7 tips

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Regardless of position or title

It's not easy to stick to yourself regardless of the other person's position or title. If the other person is in a stronger position than you, it is even more difficult to get rid of the title. However, you don't have to be in a good mood to like the other person.

Don't cheat with a smile

You don't have to always smile and repair yourself. No matter what kind of person you are, when you think you are wrong, you need to treat yourself with a resolute attitude, rather than cheating with a smile.


Whether or not you can assert yourself properly is based on having your own ideas. Hold your own axis on what you believe and what you think is right. And it is important to express your thoughts firmly without changing your opinion according to the other party.

Refrain from flattery

Many people may think that a flattery is indispensable in building relationships. However, even without a flattery, the relationship with the other party is rarely deteriorated.

If you have become a habit of socializing, please refrain from socializing. Your heart will surely be easier.

I don't agree with bad words

Many people who flirt are easily caught up in the negative emotions of those around them. Even if the people around you complain or complain about someone, never agree with them. As a result of flirting, you will reduce your value.

Treasure your time

By valuing your time, you can sharpen your thoughts on what you value and what you should emphasize. By sharpening your own thoughts, you will be swept away by the opinions of others, and you will be flirting with the other person ... You will feel that it is meaningless to take such actions.

I never thought I was different

If you can only do what you think is right, that's the first step towards becoming a cool woman. However, it is quite difficult to do only what you think is right from the beginning.

In such a case, if you feel something is wrong with yourself or if it doesn't suit your intentions, decide not to do it. By "not doing" what you think is different, you will not be flirting with anyone.

Don't flirt, don't be flattered. To me new from today

Let's say goodbye to a life where you just listen to the complexion around you, whether in private or at work, and live your own life for yourself. Aiming to be a dignified and cool woman without flirting at any time ... I hope you find it helpful.