Noise canceling earplugs actual effect is good

Noise canceling earplugs actual effect is good

Convinced that noise reduction rapid 3d prototyping earplugs big guys are not unfamiliar, because of the indispensable occurrence of some noise in daily life, each person bears the function of noise is not the same, these people who like quiet must some noise reduction countermeasures, and noise reduction earplugs is one of them.

1. The difference between Noise reduction earplugs are bitmain l7 noise-canceling earplugs and active noise-canceling headphones
passive noise reduction, according to the blocking of loud gas transmission path, in the ear hole to produce a closed indoor space, to achieve the actual effect of sound insulation and noise reduction, but will be all the loud sound all blocked, suitable for resting applications. Active noise reduction headphones, according to the embedded noise reduction power circuit in the cell phone headset, the high-precision microphone to collect the sound, the application of optimization algorithms to several sources of sound to carry out the comparison, and then transmit the reverse wave with the noise, and then remove the noise, is a purposeful reduction of noise, the application can still music playback or hear other loud, more colorful role, suitable for learning training and application at work.

2. Noise reduction earplug materials and characteristics
1. Silicone rubber headphones: noise cancelling earbuds and earphonesRelativity hard, before application can be soaked in warm water to soften, because the inner cavity of the ear hole bending soft, if the headset solid will occur swelling of the ear hole, and ear turn bending wall does not match can also cause ear pain swelling. Therefore, can not be stuffed into the long-term application. But silicone rubber headphones easy to clean up, can be repeatedly applied.

2. Sponge-type headphones: soft strength is good, so that the ear hole comfortable, and sound insulation and noise reduction effect is very good, long-term application and no discomfort. Sponge class headphones made of low-voltage foam mold material, high elasticity polyester raw materials. Soundproof earplug surface smooth, slow rebound force, application of the ear inside and no up pain, sound insulation noise reduction actual effect 25dB-40dB middle. This kind of headset is especially suitable for every night sleep quality application, but because of the slow rebound after cleaning the actual effect will become weak and can not be constantly applied, generally speaking sponge earplugs are all used that is discarded type. But due to the trend of scientific research, so far there are some sponge earplugs on the market can be repeatedly applied for more than 6 months and can be cleaned.

3. Wax headphones: wax earplugs are the originator of soundproof earplugs, take the hands can be softened and made to fit the ear hole. But the shortcoming is the lack of environmental health, wax is also very likely to remain in the ear hole, not easy to clean. And wear a long time inside the ear will appear sore feeling.

3. Noise reduction earplugs safety factor
The human ear hole has a certain ductility, soundproofing earplugs material is generally selected with elastic raw materials, soundproofing earplugs and ear inside each other into, and will not occur in the ear hole more and more large condition. However, the skin inside the ear is sensitive, and there are earwax and other components that maintain the ear, so when the soundproof earplug is sent into the ear hole, it will have a certain stimulation, and when it is applied, it is not breathable and has the risk of promoting germs. When purchasing soundproof earplugs, it is proposed to choose a reliable manufacturer, suitable for their own ear holes, high comfort of soundproof earplugs, and according to the different materials to replace or clean up on time, to avoid the growth of germs, ear holes to keep clean, no need to have too much anxiety about the likely risk.

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