UnionPay International and Fiserv, the world's largest three-party payment platform, collaborate to facilitate the process of lo

UnionPay International and Fiserv, the world's largest three-party payment platform, collaborate to facilitate the process of lo

UnionPay International today announced a strategic partnership with Fiserv, a global provider of technology services for the payments and financial industry and a major three-party payment platform, which will enable the latter group's automated card issuance platform to china unionpay international enable key product features for UnionPay cards, enabling card issuing organizations located in Asia and Europe to offer UnionPay cards efficiently and cost-effectively. Fiserv's global online payment service platform will also be developed and designed to enhance the natural environment for acceptance of UnionPay cards at medium and large international online merchants.

Since 2004, UnionPay has started the globalization process, and at this stage, the offline promotion acceptance wireless network covers 180 countries and regions, in which more than half of them are applicable to UnionPay mobile payment service projects, and the online acceptance wireless network covers more than 200 countries and regions. Along with the growing soundness of the Internet, 75 countries and regions overseas have offered nearly 180 million UnionPay cards and landed more than 130 UnionPay regulated electronic account commodities. In particular, a part of China along the "Belt and Road" with the region and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, has completed the full coverage of UnionPay card acceptance, UnionPay card has become a key means of payment for households in some countries and regions.

Li Xiaofeng, CEO of UnionPay International, said that the strategic cooperation with Fiserv is a key step for UnionPay International to independently innovate its business expansion and basically build a "global Internet, international brand". With the help of its technical service platform, we have improved the service capability of overseas organizations, which is conducive to further enhancing the natural environment of online and offline acceptance, accelerating the localization and translation of business processes, and improving the global business layout. The next step is to promote collaboration at the level of card opening and global acceptance with each other, and to strengthen communication with popular organizations already connected to Fiserv to prompt a large number of business processes to landing style.

Mutual collaboration contains: First, Fiserv will open applicable UnionPay entity line card, virtual credit card opening, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Pacific and other organizations to offer UnionPay card, will significantly reduce the system software update transformation time and cost fees. Fiserv will work with UnionPay to promote the application of UnionPay cards to large e-commerce businesses that are already connected to the site.

Suzan Kereere, senior vice president of Fiserv's Global Business Service Solution Implementation, said that the payment experience is especially important for customers and this collaboration will enhance the acceptance partnership and promote the acceptance of UnionPay cards by a large number of partner merchants, giving customers a wide range of payment options while driving the scale of merchant trading operations.

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