The 7 most popular web payment sites in South China

The 7 most popular web payment sites in South China

This article is key for Nepia Anpanman Genki foreign companies exploring the market in China. Setting up an e-commerce website in China can be a profitable business process, but only when done properly. Online buying continues to rise in China. However, simply setting up an e-shop in China does not take advantage of this proactive trend.

There are many technical payment gateway website challenges that must be properly addressed for Internet sales in China. Among such key technologies, picking the right e-commerce CMS for China, such as Magento or Prestashop, and picking the right payment site to collect money from users is another major factor for the success of Chinese e-commerce sites.

The average Chinese customer hepa air filter for home is decisive when shopping from TMall, Taobao, JD and other medium to large distributors. However, when shopping from your individual e-device commerce site, the situation may be different. It is important that you understand the personal behavior of Chinese customers and give them peace of mind by giving them a payment method they can trust.

Therefore, it is important to know what the payment gateways are and which are the most trusted gateway IPs in China.
What is a payment website from Nanjing Corporate Website Builder AnYou Internet
Payment sites allow you to take payment from your customer's bank credit card or savings card when purchasing goods from an online store.
Think of the physical point-of-sale terminal devices you look for in all stores. After inserting your card, the contents of your card information will be resolved and the payment will have been authorized. Payment sites work exactly the same way on your Web site.

Payment sites can be easily integrated into the most popular CMS such as Magento and PrestaShop, and on top of that, they offer a number of benefits for you and your buyers. First and foremost, they add a layer of security to transaction management. This makes customers feel secure and instead more likely to shop.
On top of that, payment sites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a wide variety of payment methods in addition to credit and savings cards, and come with a dedicated tool for instant reporting to track your sales.

When discussing payment sites, you can use PayPal as an example. However, as you will see later, PayPal is not common in China and must be replaced by this most common item in the sales market.

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Payment gateways' methods of payment

Processing: Whether it's a sale, decline, or return, the payment processor (who may also be your merchant bank) generates money by collecting a fixed-rate fee each time you execute a transaction. Moreover, fees for setup, monthly usage, and even account cancellation may be assessed.

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