What exactly is Bitcoin, which is a virtual currency?


Bitcoin is actually a centralized consensus internet where everyone can check their total number of bitcoins in the cloud,San Tin and bitcoin has a reputation for security. It is impossible for all signs to be saved after two people have bought and sold. Bitcoin, like the internet, has this underlying technology, operating fundamentals and top-level usage.

Various currencies

Putting it that way is likely difficult to understand and has led to the vast majority of the bitmain s19 pro price general internet population having a hard time figuring out what bitcoin is. It's hard for the average person to remember that a string of numbers and a line of code has so much value.

Bitcoin (bitcoin) is a technology with blockchain, economic globalization, and group polarization. The interchange of bitcoin is as fast and low cost as everyone's WeChat payment, and there is no limit.

Bitcoin was born in 2008 and has grown to a world where there are millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of stores accepting bitcoin. And the total market cap of bitcoin has now reached ten billion dollars.

Crushed Bitcoins

Is Bitcoin legal? Obviously not. This currency is not well regulated. So if it's a fictitious currency why wouldn't a cyber hacker crack it and drop the price?

The gloomy room, with only the LED lights shining brightly, is accompanied by a great rumbling sound and a wave of heat. These are the conditions in which miners work.

The great lure of bitcoin is doing its best to attract everyone, and the people who produce and manufacture bitcoin are called miners.

Bitcoin must a lot of computing power rather than simple coding, also make all the bitcoin natural environment to maintain stability, and electronic computer gpu happens to calculate the rate is also as well strong, in the interest of the forced, the people one after another to buy graphics cards set off a wave of mining.

The "production shop" where bitcoins are produced and manufactured

The miners basically bought the change of all suitable mining electronic computer discrete graphics cards, resulting in the price of suitable mining AMD graphics cards holding a continuous rise, with thousands of cards in constant 24h work. But as more and more people rolled into this wave, bitcoin gradually dropped in price, causing miners to abandon the position because they couldn't pay the huge utility bills, resulting in thousands of mining cards being injected into the sales market. Everyone called it a coal mine accident.

And bitcoin slowly forgotten in the eyes of everyone, and bitcoin is not easy to fully automatic collapse, many long ago funds into the national righteousness of the people, will continue to drag more people drain, not to mention, there are many corrupt high officials, gamblers, mobsters structure, but also very need that kind of a currency that is not at all easy to leave a mark. And the conclusion of this mobile game will only end up causing more serious harm to social development.

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