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What are probes in one article? Fields and Applications of Probe Distribution

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Probe is a portmanteau word and has different meanings and functions in different fields.wafer tester The following is about the application of probes in different fields:

1. Information probing tool: as far as information probing tool is concerned, probe card is a kind of test interface, which mainly tests the bare core, connects the tester and the chip, and tests the parameters of the chip by transmitting signals. For example, WiFi probe is based on WiFi probing to identify smartphones or tablets or laptops with WiFi turned on near the wireless access point, and even if the user is not connected to WiFi, the WiFi probe can recognize the user's information and obtain the device address.

2. Biological single-stranded DNA tools: probes used in biological applications can be DNA probes.DNA probes are the most commonly used nucleic acid probes and are classified as either single-stranded or double-stranded DNA, which is labeled with a radioisotope (usually phosphorus-32),wafer probe testing a fluorescent dye, or an enzyme (e.g., horseradish peroxidase). At the appropriate pH, temperature, and ionic strength, DNA probes utilize molecular denaturation, complexation, and a high degree of accuracy in base complementary pairing to bind to complementary unlabeled single-stranded DNA or RNA in the sample to be tested by hydrogen bonding to form a double-stranded complex.

3. Testing PCBA Tools: Probe is a kind of test needle for testing PCBA in electronic testing, with gold-plated surface, which is a high-end electronic component. According to the use of electronic testing, probes can be divided into various types, such as optical circuit board test probes, in-line test probes and microelectronics test probes.

4. Computer Programming Tool: Probe is also a Web scripting program. Probe can be realized through the web programming language (ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, etc.) to detect the server sensitive information script file. It is usually used to probe the website directory, server operating system, number of CPUs, Session timeout, server Session variables, server Application variables, component support, computing speed, disk read/write speed,vibration isolation table and network connection speed.

5. Archaeological tools: archaeologists also use probes when they go down to the soil layer, archaeological probes, also known as tie rods, with the probe link probe rod, can be used to detect, access to the soil of the underground soil layer, in order to understand the underground with or without the ancient burials.