A vacuum cleaner is the only truly healthy cleaning tool.

excellent whole house

If there are children at home, we may pay more attention to the impact of sommelier hong kongair on health, compared to sweeping robots, vacuum cleaners to clean more effectively to avoid the rise of dust, bacteria, pollen, lint, thus affecting the respiratory tract, and sweeping robots in the cleaning action after the completion of 1 to 1.5 hours, the house dust will return to calm, although vacuum cleaners do not have the automation of sweeping robots to save time, Although the vacuum cleaner lacks the automation of the sweeper, it is more suitable for consumers with children at home in terms of cleaning efficiency and cleanliness.

The F6 scrubbing vacuum cleaner has a strong suction power of nearly 21,000 PA as a vacuum cleaner, ensuring the adsorption and removal of various stains in the house, while the 6-filter system can also fully adsorb bacterial micro-dust and eliminate leakage, effectively protecting the family's healthy living space.

In addition to vacuuming, the F6 can provide you with a four-step cleaning routine that combines "suction, scrubbing, washing, and dragging," and whenever you want to do a thorough cleaning on the ground, you only need to use the suction and scrubbing heads once to make the ground as clean as new. Simultaneously, with the infrared sensor device, the water spray intelligent control that stops when leaving the ground can best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwoodbe realized; this function can ensure the ground to maintain a relatively dry humidity and avoid the residue of water marks.

Furthermore, sprinkle tow F6 rich accessories, but also to bring excellent whole house cleaning ability, home cleaning work will become incomparably easier and more convenient with these accessories.

To begin with, the roller brush can provide fast ground cleaning ability; all types of dry garbage, such as particles, dust, bacteria, and hair, can be easily and quickly cleaned work; thick and thin, soft and hard roller brush fluff is the key to achieving all of this; and LED lighting can also provide intimate help when cleaning in the dark space.

The flat suction makes it easier to clean dead corners and crevices, so you don't have to go through the closet looking for those difficult to clean places.

The final mite brush can effectively clean the fabric debris and mites, which is especially beneficial for customers who have pets at home. A regular mite operation for sofas and other items can largely maintain a clean and hygienic space, bringing a more comfortable and safe living environment.

Nearly 90 minutes of spill tow F6 life can bring you more possibilities, spill tow Marni Kids HKlife can be more spill tow, into the spill tow F6 technology perspective, along with a new territory of convenient, healthy household cleaning.

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