Kitchen storage tips Kitchen renovation should know after the thing

Kitchen storage tips Kitchen renovation should know after the thing

After the kitchen renovation does not mean that your kitchen will be neat and clean, because only know how to kitchen storage to ensure the results of the renovation, otherwise a long time, additional kitchen supplies to increase the kitchen will still become chaotic. Of course, storage is not only neatly placed, but also on the basis of this need to do flexible use, in order to avoid the future will be due to placement problems, resulting in the items eventually randomly placed. To master the tips of storage is not difficult, you just need to go through this article, you can simply master. The following is a summary of a few common tips for you.

Make good use of the space above your kitchen

Hong Kong people live in a relatively narrow environment and most families have very limited space in the kitchen. For example, adding hanging cabinets is a good choice. Of course, after renovation, the storage function of hanging cabinets is relatively simple, but households can make full use of the storage potential of hanging cabinets by purchasing different accessories or storage gadgets. Secondly, walls are also worth using, and adding hooks or shelves is a good choice.

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What to do with kitchen storage corners

In addition, many public housing and HOS units in Hong Kong have a special structure and are prone to various corner locations, which can seriously affect kitchen storage. For those who are not experienced enough, they may choose to give up this space. In fact, you can customize or even directly purchase a corner turntable to make use of this part of the space, so that the kitchen storage will become more flexible and the limited space will be fully utilized.

Kitchen storage makes good use of various cabinet doors

In order to increase the storage function, most of our friends will make various kinds of hanging cabinets or cupboards. In fact, the cabinet doors can not only be similar to the home design style, but also have a good storage function.


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