What makes a dry dock different from a wet dock?

What makes a dry dock different from a wet dock?

The term "wet dock" refers to a port area that is protected from tidal water movements by flood gates. Hull maintenance and repair are possible with the ability to pump dry a dry dock. A wet dock is similar to a dry dock, but the main distinction is that ships are left floating in the water while using it.

For what does STCW stand?

Guidelines for Watchkeeping, Certification, and TrainingStandards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping is the acronym for the STCW Convention. Keeping you, as a seafarer, safe when at sea is one of their main purposes.

What does Marine's internal audit mean?

The ISM Code must be followed in the design of the Safety Management System (SMS), which must also be properly documented, implemented, and maintained by ship management. To ensure that the SMS is operating efficiently, internal audits must to be carried out. An annual audit of every office or vessel is chosen by most companies.

RTK vs PPK: which is superior?

PPK yields greater accuracy....
PPK and RTK should ideally have identical accuracy. RTK, however, needs to make real-time adjustments to its base point, which is accomplished via the data chain and subject to brief disruptions.

What's the name for underwater research?

The scientific or commercial study of the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of ocean waters and the sea bed below the continental shelf is known as deep-sea exploration.

What is a checklist for quality inspections?

A quality control checklist essentially serves as a written manual for the contents, packaging, color, barcodes, look, potential flaws, functionality, and unique requirements of your items. Another name for it is an inspection checklist or a [inspection criteria sheet].

Does waterproofing equate to water protection?

In a word, clothing that is water-resistant is generally referred to as water-repellent. On the other hand, waterproof clothing is made to withstand a lot more water than water-resistant clothing, making it appropriate during periods of intense precipitation.

What does MARPOL Article 8 entail?

Article 8: Per Protocol I to the current Convention, an incident report must be filed as soon as practicable and to the greatest degree feasible. give the Organization full notice of any such arrangements so that it can be distributed to other Parties and Organization Member States.underwater inspection

In shipping, what does drydocking mean?

Definition: The word "dry docking" refers to ship maintenance or being brought into a service yard. In order to clean or check the submerged sections of the hull, the entire ship is brought to dry land during dry docking.

Do UAS and drones function similarly?

A UAS includes the complete system that supports and operates the UAV, such as ground control stations, software, and communication systems. A UAV explicitly refers to the unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone.

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