How to use air purifier to sleep at night

How to use air purifier to sleep at night

Along with the increasing demand for air purifier for cat allergies living environment, air purifiers have long been inseparable from people's lives. It can improve the living environment in the room, so that people have a comfortable life feeling. Generally the home will open the air purifier, so sleep when the air purifier can be open? What is the operation method?

The air purifier can be google pay online shopping turned on when you sleep. And it is proposed that sleeping at night is more beneficial to physical and mental health. People need a better natural environment to sleep at night, and high quality gas is more conducive to our sleep, so it is necessary to turn on the air purifier. The noise of the purifier is not too big, not easy to endanger people's sleep when using, and the output power of the oil smoke purifier is only 80w up and down, even if a day 24h open, as long as the daily consumption of 1 how much money.

1、Tune to hibernate state
At night when you sleep, you can turn Nepia the air purifier to sleep mode, so that the use of very environmentally friendly energy saving, sleep at night when the air purifier can not be noisy, otherwise it will endanger people's sleep, so the most important thing to choose a fume purifier is to see how much noise it sleep mode, if large words, even if it is actually good effect is not recommended to buy.

2、Close the window when using
Air purifier is not suitable for opening windows for ventilation application, if you sleep at night to open windows for ventilation, the pollution of indoor air will keep coming into the room, causing the air purifier has been working, that not only wastes electricity, and also does not reach the actual effect of purification treatment. If you must open the words proposed to open only a little window, so that its breathability can be.

3, pay attention to the placement part
Air purification machine is best placed in the bedroom impermeable place, and parts to be lower, but do not have to be near the wall to avoid, so not only is not convenient air circulation, but also will make some pollutants at the foot of the wall inhaled air purifier, if in the summer or winter use of central air conditioning proposed to be placed in front of the central air conditioning, the air inlet will be close to the air conditioning blowing, so that the air conditioning purification blowing in the gas.

The article content on the air purifier night sleep can be open and inside pour night sleep use method is analyzed, out of everyone to the quality according to the natural environment of Hu, air purifier sleep is open. As long as the application is in accordance with the way introduced in the article, there is no problem, and you can use it with complete peace of mind.

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